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Former Righthaven CEO Secretly Hires Lawyers For The Company He No Longer Has An

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Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
We'd pretty much thought that the Righthaven saga was over. After all, the company had gone into receivership back in December, and the court-appointed receiver had been auctioning off what little assets the company had in an attempt to satisfy all of the court-ordered attorneys' fees that Righthaven owed to the lawyers of some of the many defendants that Righthaven sued for copyright infringement on a repeatedly-rejected legal theory. At the same time, the CEO/founder of Righthaven, Steve Gibson had stopped showing up in court, had taken another job, and was being investigated by the Nevada State Bar.

As far as the court-appointed receiver, Lara Pearson, knew, Gibson and his wife Raisha "Drizzle" Gibson (who had been "COO" of Righthaven) no longer had anything to do with the company.

And then...

Greg Troy (KeepFighting):
Very interesting article, sounds like Gibson's got some 'splainin to do, especially if funds were hidden from the courts.

Matthew Chan:
Boy, this Righthaven story just can't die off.  That Steve Gibson deserves to be put into the ground. Talk about a lawyer that gives a bad name to the others. Another well hated lawyer on par with Charles Carreon.

The receiver wants to "fire" Steve Gibson.

You read the story and you think,

Being a troll must be as addictive as the most powerful intoxicants when people who have been fired, can't give up their hopeless quest.

I wasn't even checking this section of the forum, as I thought that Righthaven was "dead".
Then, I see Buddhapi's posting.  Guess what?  It's still ongoing!

Steve Gibson has filed an "objection to the receiver's notification terminating" his job.  Gibson says:

"Even if the Receiver’s termination of me as CEO was somehow within her authority and done within the parameters of permitted procedure, the Receiver’s position that that somehow divests me of authority would be wrong.
A limited liability company is ultimately governed by its members and the members have chosen Net Sortie Systems, LLC (“Net Sortie”) as its statutory manager.
I am the manager of Net Sortie. While the manager manages the CEO, in the absence of a CEO, the manager would assume management of all affairs of Righthaven..."


Is Gibson just one of those guys that just has to win at any cost?
It's good to be tenacious, but this is baffling.  Would a normal person have time for this?
The court system has no methodology or desire to control rogue lawyers?
This is simply shameful.



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