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Missing Righthaven attorney surfaces, airs grievances about company


Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
A Righthaven LLC copyright lawsuit attorney who has been missing in action for seven months resurfaced Wednesday and publicly aired his grievances about his experience with the company.

Las Vegas attorney Shawn Mangano, who was last heard from publicly in February in relation to Righthaven cases, filed court papers responding to a federal judge’s order requiring him to explain why he missed deadlines in one of the Righthaven cases early this year.

In his response, Mangano said he’s been under stress because he’s been spending a lot of time caring for his ailing mother in Southern California. He acknowledged making mistakes and asked the court for leniency should it impose sanctions.

Wow... Righthaven's a lot like a case of halitosis that just won't go away.

I'm quite sure that all of those involved were acutely aware of what they were getting into.
Look at the jaw-dropping damages claimed against mere bloggers over newspaper articles.
People were going to be outraged.

I don't feel sorry for those involved.
Sorry to hear about Mangano's mother, but what's that got to do with Righthaven?



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