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Feel sick! Lovely Email from Getty! Please help

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Thank you - I hope I'm doing the right thing, but will just try to relax  :-\

Greg Troy (KeepFighting):
Robert's advice is sound based on past experiences.  Make sure you have removed the image and any others you do not own or have a license for from your site and server.

The letters are designed to scare you and make you feel the way you are feeling, read and get educated, you will feel better.

Just received a second notice letter from Pixsy - I ignored the first as advised here. There's what I imagine is the usual threat - "pay up now or we'll bring in the lawyers and the original demand will be off the table".

Do I still ignore? I'm guessing the answer from you good folks here is guess, but I just want to check - call it virtual hand holding if you like :-\

Thanks in advance.

Just received a third letter an "escalation" notice a week after the second. Is this the normal pattern? The threat is to ass the case to a "local attorney" (the use of language there gives it away that the email hasn't been prepared locally,as we don't the term attorney here in the UK, as does the fact that the last email was sent at 11pm UK time)

At what point does it become necessary to engage with these people?  When I receive communication from a solicitor/lawyer (who will merely be acting as a strong arm man), or is this just more bluff? Do I need to talk to these guys/debt collection agency,albeit just to stonewall them, or can/should I simply I completely ignore all communication?

Greg Troy (KeepFighting):
With places like Getty yes, it is normal to receive a letter "escalating" to the legal department.  Getty would even have the "law firm" (cough) of McCormick Law start sending out threating letters.  I don't think I've read anywhere here where Pixsy has really sued anyone over a single image.  If someone knows of a case I'm sure they will add it here.


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