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Getting Help With Your UK Extortion Letter


Matthew Chan:
Since 2008, we’ve had thousands of readers discover the ELI website and ELI Forums after they have received a Getty Images (or other stock photo) “extortion letter”. Many have attempted to contact us through phone and email asking for help. Early on, we tried to help but eventually there were too many requests for help and the help being requested overstepped reasonable time boundaries. So, we can no longer provide free personal, one-on-one help. However, you do have several help options.

As of March 25, 2012, we are expanding our forums to assist the UK community.

If you get a UK extortion letter, this is what you need to do:

1. The very first thing you need to do is to CALM DOWN and TAKE A BREATH! Tens of thousands of these extortion letters have gone out over the years. You are far from being alone. Getting an extortion letter from out of the blue is upsetting but not the end of the world. For most people and their situation, the bark is much worse than the bite.

2. This one is a no-brainer. You should immediately remove all copies of the allegedly infringing images from your web server. Even the "hidden" ones. If it is anywhere on your web server, you are at risk.

3. GET EDUCATED. Do it as soon as possible! Don’t say you don’t have the time. You better make the time. It is you or your company at risk here. You received the letter so now YOU have a problem to deal with. It is YOUR problem. The problem will not go away by itself.  Make the time to GET EDUCATED.

4. Read, browse, and search the ELI Forums. It is FREE! It is an online database with a goldmine of information, advice, commentary, and research. Help yourself to it.

5. Watch the ELI Video Interviews & Updates to get ideas from the U.S situation. It is FREE! There are hours of recorded information to bring yourself up to speed.

6. Sign up to become an ELI Forum user. It is FREE! Post your situation and story BUT be aware no one is going to hold your hand and take you through it step-by-step. You will receive some general guidance and suggestions but it will be up to you to carry out the details. The majority of people get enough information to make a relatively informed decision on how to proceed.

Special Remarks for UK Letter Recipients:
We don't currently provide any "official" support options or take an "official" position on UK extortion letter matters. The reason for that is because the entire ELI Defense Team is based in the U.S. and we have no direct knowledge in the UK environment.

We will eventually build towards that as we identify people we believe can be helpful to the UK community. At the moment, we cannot endorse anyone. However, we believe there is still great value when smart minds come together to share ideas. You can then formulate a solution and a course of action for yourself.

The UK forum was "born" on March 25, 2012 so it is still in its infancy. But we expect it will mature into a better support community over time. So share your stories. You never know who might jump into answer you or offer insights into your situation.


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