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Getty file complaint in high court against JA Coles

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Hello. I am new to this forum but not to Getty.

So far they have sent me 2 letters and I have received 1 email 1 letter and 1 phone call from MortonSmith. I have read many posts on the subject of how to deal with Getty and I have chosen to remove the image and ignore Getty and their henchmen.

That was until I read that Getty has filed a complaint in High Court.

I don’t know about anyone else on this forum but I am quite interested in the outcome of this case.

My question to anyone that might know is how much does it cost to defend yourself against something like this?

I have to say that I am a little worried......

They have discussed this case at the FSB forum:  (also linked to from this sites front page).

I think the guy that actually designed the site for JA Coles commented somewhere in there.  Its a long thread ... 120+ pages ... so you may have to look a bit to find the JA Coles references.  Since you are in the UK, there is probably a lot of other information you can benefit from there as well.

Its stange, no one seem that bothered.

If Getty win then we all have to pay up....

Well in the UK anyway.

Well, Getty have won a case...

details of the Getty win against JA Coles

Personally, I have a bill for £800 x11 images = £8800.  Typical story; a webdev firm was asked to develop a site, the site was live for a while but then replaced over 2 years ago by a new site.  This year (August 2009) we receive an invoice from Getty (interestingly dated with a June 2008 date) demanding the money.  We've already gone back to Getty to tell them that the site was removed some time ago following issues with the webdev company and that we buy our images through an agency called for all images on our site that has been live for nearly 2 years.  We relied on the webdev firm previously and assumed all was ok, perhaps naive in hindsight.  Getty ignored the response to them and have put Moreton Smith on the job to collect money.  We have not responded to them yet.

I've already had a few huge ongoing stressful situations this year and this is just tipping me to the edge, we cannot afford this bill and see it this way that the webdev firm are in breach here and it was for something over 2 years ago without our final control.

Oscar, can you be of any assistance, I am really on that edge...

I should have stated that my company is UK based


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