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Letter received from "Image Sales" claiming infringement


Hi All, I have been reading a lot of threads here and just want a little advice..

My client has received a letter in the post demanding £708 for copyright infringement for an image I purchased many moons ago, It was live on my clients website for 26 days (jan 1st 2017 until jan 26th 2017), it has since been removed and replaced as we received this letter.

I am concerned as the letter states they are acting on behalf of another business who claim they own the image, not getty images....

The company sending the letter 'Image sales' have a virtual office in the center of Bristol, no website,  they do not respond to telephone calls and the letter is threatening to say the least.  They have screen grabs of all employees addresses, directors details, companies house details etc,  Very pushy.

I know ignorance is not a defence but seeing as I bought the image a while ago without using it I went ahead and used it for my clients site, I have drafted a letter in reply in which I disagree with the copyright claim. 

Now I am thinking that I should treat this the same as a getty letter?

In that I will not be responding to their - "pay us by Wednesday for a 30% discount" and I will not be responding at all.  I have spoken with my client and explained that they may get letters and phonecalls harassing them for payment, but I have made it clear we don't actually owe money to anyone, this is just someone wlaking up to use demanding money.... No one has deemed this as debt???

Have any of you come across this company before?   Their phone number is 0161-818-9292 and email address is -  both show nothing on google search.

Any advice would be appreciated..  :D

The letters always follow a similiar pattern, a demand for money for an alleged copyright infringement.

Seems you are acting in a professional capacity (web designer?) so have a good read about of these forums. There is plenty here for you to chew on.

Sounds like you have a per-purchased license so you have no need to worry in the slightest. It is for the firm to prove that you do not have a licence not for you to prove you have.

The letters look very startling at first but once you have more information in your noggin from these parts you will become to realise they are by and large just a fishing exercise with a view to extort.

Thanks, I was very concerned when the letter landed! My client is of the attitude of 'balls to em' and are happy to stonewall until an official court summons or similar lands.

If it does I will attend whatever hearing and see what happens. I would imagine my 'old purchased image' line has been used many times before and will hold no water.

For now, I'm ignoring it.  I will keep the post updated with what happens.

Matthew Chan:
Sometimes, disregarding the letter is the most effective and economical way of dealing with these letters. It isn't a perfect system and certainly has certain risks but MANY people have taken the simple approach of ignoring because pursuing expensive and time-consuming litigation over a small matter is just not worth it.

An update - April 2017.

We ignored the letter and we have had no further communication from this company so far.


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