Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan

This page was created for non-ELI fans and cry-baby (quite literally in a few cases) copyright extortion lawyers who “secretly” make complaints to Oscar Michelen and Cuomo LLC about ELI, the ELI Forums, its content, ELI users, and especially complaints about me, Matthew Chan.

Although Oscar is a few years older and perhaps much wiser than me, Oscar is not my daddy, nor is he the owner of the ELI website.  I don’t report to Oscar.  Certainly, I enjoy and highly respect Oscar as a friend, business associate, lawyer, and consider him an essential part of the ELI team. Oscar certainly has clout and influence on ELI but he doesn’t get the final word over ELI website or editorial matters. I do. I get final word because I founded, created, and own the ELI website. I (and my corporation) continue to own, operate, and manage ELI. Oscar himself would not challenge any of these assertions.

Having said all that, ELI hosts user discussions, commentary, information, and other content. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act states that web hosts and forum hosts are NOT responsible for the posts and content submitted made by its users and participants. If you can’t accept that this is actually true and still want to send in a written complaint, go right ahead and we will go from there.

There have been some frivolous and baseless accusations that claim ELI engages in defamation, harassment, hate, and false information. These claims never pan out simply because ELI simply doesn’t engage in them. Some enemies and critics want to believe ELI behave in illegal ways but at the end of the day, they can’t show or prove it. ELI users (including myself) occasionally engage in parody, satire, snark, name-calling, profanity, mockery, rhetorical metaphors, euphemisms, colloquialisms, and the like. However, all of these things are clearly allowed and protected by the First Amendment.

Any complaints made to Oscar and Cuomo LLC about ELI, the ELI Forums, the ELI Community, its contents, or me will be publicized and reported. No more of these “secret”, snuck-in written or emailed complaints to Oscar or his law firm and then me dealing with it “quietly”. Those days are over.

If Oscar or his law firm has to discuss the matter with me or go through me to resolve an ELI-related complaint, then it is fair game for reporting and made public. I have grown tired of what seems to be a steady stream of irrational and ridiculous ELI complaints made to Oscar and his law firm then I hear about it later to deal with it “quietly”. I am done with that approach.

I am putting a stop to all the unnecessary drama, time-suck, and energy-suck that has occurred over the years. If someone has a legitimate complaint about ELI, its content, users, etc, I will deal with it and reply first-hand. But I don’t appreciate cowards and cry-babies trying to do an end run-around on me by running and crying to Oscar and his law firm over frivolous matters.

Written complaints about ELI can be emailed directly to Matthew.  Use gmail with the matt30060 email prefix.