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  1. Court Declaration: Linda Ellis' Misrepresentations & Her Lawyer's Misconduct
  2. Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Covers GA Supreme Court Victory of Chan v. Ellis
  3. Georgia Supreme Court Hands Unanimous Win to Matthew Chan & ELI
  4. EFF Covers ELI win in Chan v. Ellis Appeal
  5. Oral Argument video for Chan v. Ellis Posted by Georgia Supreme Court
  6. Photos of ELI Oral Argument Events in Atlanta / Georgia Supreme Court
  7. Legal Scholars Eugene Volokh & Aaron H. Caplan Support ELI with EFF Amicus Brief
  8. New Developments in ELI Appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court
  9. Read July 30, 2014: Harvard Journal of Law & Technology Digest - ELI Appeal Case
  10. Matthew's Appeal Is Now Docketed!
  11. Read the July 21, 2014 Ars Technica Article: ELI Case going to GA Supreme Court
  12. Read the July 17, 2014 FightCopyrightTrolls Update Blog Post
  13. Matthew Chan's PPO Appeal Court Documents
  14. Read March 27, 2013 Alex Jones' Infowars / Prison Planet Article about ELI & PPO
  15. Press Release (7/15/2014) Chan v. Ellis: Appeal Transferred to GA Supreme Court
  16. Press Release: NY Attorney Fights Alarming Georgia Censorship Case Pro Bono
  17. Press Release: Matthew Chan Files Appeal Against Georgia Censorship Order
  18. Read the March 27, 2013 Daily Dot article about ELI and my PPO
  19. Read the March 26, 2013 Electronic Frontier Foundation article about ELI & PPO
  20. Read the March 23, 2013 FightCopyrightTrolls article about ELI and PPO
  21. Read the March 27, 2013 Ars Technica article about ELI and PPO
  22. Speech Spoken Here
  23. Marietta Daily Journal Reader Comment: Gun Threat Against Matthew Chan
  24. ELI Response to the March 15, 2013 Marietta Daily Journal Article
  25. ELI Response to the March 15, 2013 PDN Pulse Article
  26. Matthews complaint / order posted
  27. Welcome! Please Read the Rules Before You Post
  28. Oscar Michelen Statement: Matthew Chan Permanent Protective Order