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Author Topic: Lawsuits Higbee Has Actually Filed  (Read 4100 times)


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Lawsuits Higbee Has Actually Filed
« on: September 12, 2018, 06:25:18 PM »
In order to figure out just how big a threat Higbee is I decided to search on Law360.  It appears to me that they rarely file.  That could be because most people settle OR because Higbee gives up if people don't cave.  And he files most often in California, where his office is.  Thoughts?

case number   date filed   title   nos   court
5:18-cv-01915   2018-09-10   Gutenberg v. Backchina LLC et al   820(Copyright)   California Central
2:18-cv-07567   2018-08-29   Raabe v. Oceaner Sporting Goods Canada Inc. et al   820(Copyright)   California Central
8:18-cv-01508   2018-08-24   RM Media Ltd. v. Tran et al   820(Copyright)   California Central
5:18-cv-01732   2018-08-17   Gutenberg v. MHFS Group LLC et al   820(Copyright)   California Central
2:18-cv-07188   2018-08-16   Werner v. Evolve Media, LLC. et al   820(Copyright)   California Central
2:18-cv-06855   2018-08-09   Michael Grecco Productions Inc. v. Cross et al   820(Copyright)   California Central
8:18-cv-01204   2018-07-09   MICHAEL GRECCO PRODUCTIONS, INC. v. Stricchiola et al   820(Copyright)   California Central
2:18-cv-05049   2018-06-06   Gadomski v. Kuder  et al   820(Copyright)   California Central
8:17-cv-01049   2017-06-15   Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Wrapmarket, LLC.   820(Copyright)   California Central
2:18-cv-03560   2018-04-27   Jeffrey R. Werner et al v. Landon Dowlatsingh et al   Copyright   California Central
2:18-cv-01935   2018-03-08   Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Mane Addicts Two, LLC et al   Copyright   California Central
2:18-cv-00792   2018-01-31   Christopher Sadowski v. Gregory Palumbo et al   Copyright   California Central
2:18-cv-00704   2018-01-26   Christopher Sadowski v. Internet Brands, Inc. et al   Copyright   California Central
2:18-cv-00645   2018-01-25   Alex Maxim v. Los Angeles Laser Aesthetics And Skin Care, Inc. et al   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-08754   2017-12-05   John Durant v. Lerner and Weiss APC et al   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-08577   2017-11-27   RM Media Ltd. v. 420 Evaluations, Inc., et al   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-08128   2017-11-07   Shoichi Marc Matsumoto v. Sushi Enuice Inc. et al   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-07903   2017-10-27   Matlow v. PopWrapped Entertainment Group, LLC   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-07098   2017-09-26   Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Creative Care, Inc., et al   Copyright   California Central
5:17-cv-01731   2017-08-24   Alexander Wild v. Jeffrey Negus   Copyright   California Central
8:17-cv-01464   2017-08-24   Alexander Wild v. Jeffrey Negus   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-05212   2017-07-14   Jeffery R. Werner v. Zhenyu Song et al   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-04997   2017-07-07   Alexander Wild v. Nakia J. Isaac   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-03733   2017-05-17   Jeremy Nicholl v. Here Media, Inc.   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-02344   2017-03-27   Alexander Wild v. Legacy Termite Control, Inc.   Copyright   California Central
2:17-cv-00923   2017-02-03   Alex Maxim v. Skin Body Lounge, LLC et al   Copyright   California Central
8:16-cv-02276   2016-12-29   Jorge Salas v. Antonio Sandoval et al   Copyright   California Central
2:16-cv-09559   2016-12-27   Lisa Corson v. Home As Art, Inc.   Copyright   California Central
8:16-cv-01249   2016-07-06   Lived In Images, Inc. v. Arturo Fis   Copyright   California Central
2:16-cv-03682   2016-05-26   Jeremy R Nicholl v. 1-800 Loose Diamonds, Inc.   Copyright   California Central
2:16-cv-00603   2016-01-27   Michel Keck v. Zipfworks, Inc.   Copyright   California Central
2:15-cv-09983   2015-12-30   Ted VanCleave v. Basak International LLC   Copyright   California Central
2:15-cv-09941   2015-12-29   Karl Louis v. Real TV Critics, LLC   Copyright   California Central
8:15-cv-02122   2015-12-20   Alex Maxim v. Joseph Torri   Copyright   California Central
2:15-cv-09786   2015-12-20   Robert K. Walls  v. Edouard R. Giessinger   Copyright   California Central
2:15-cv-09373   2015-12-03   Ted VanCleave v. Paul Rock Produced, LLC   Copyright   California Central
8:15-cv-02014   2015-12-02   Alexander L. Wild v. Official Termite Solutions, Inc.   Copyright   California Central
2:15-cv-07028   2015-09-04   Alexander L. Wild v. ABF Chemical Exterminators, Inc.   Copyright   California Central
8:15-cv-01144   2015-07-20   Alexander L. Wild v. Mariners Pest Control, Inc.   Copyright   California Central
3:18-cv-04527   2018-07-26   Miller  v. Temporal Media Inc. et al   820(Copyright)   California Northern
5:18-cv-04116   2018-07-10   Luong v. Louie & Kitsuse, a Professional Law Corporation  et al   820(Copyright)   California Northern
4:18-cv-04116   2018-07-10   Luong v. Louie & Kitsuse, a Professional Law Corporation  et al   820(Copyright)   California Northern
5:16-cv-04983   2016-08-30   VanCleave v. Ozy Media, Inc.   820(Copyright)   California Northern
4:15-cv-06334   2015-12-31   Wild v. Rogers   820(Copyright)   California Northern
5:18-cv-04527   2018-07-26   Miller v. Temporal Media, Inc. et al   Copyright   California Northern
3:16-cv-04983   2016-08-30   VanCleave v. Ozy Media, Inc.   Copyright   California Northern
3:15-cv-06334   2015-12-31   Alexander L. Wild v. Ian B. Rogers   Copyright   California Northern
3:18-cv-02018   2018-08-29   Durant v. Daniel A. Lawton  et al   Copyright   California Southern
1:17-cv-01418   2017-09-14   Adlife Marketing & Communications Company, Inc. v. Multi-Ad Solutions, LLC. et al   Copyright   Illinois Central
4:17-cv-04254   2017-09-06   Adlife Marketing & Communications Co., Inc. v. Fareway Stores, Inc.   Copyright   Illinois Central
1:18-cv-06193   2018-09-10   keck v. Gobstock LLC et al   820(Copyright)   Illinois Northern
1:18-cv-05823   2018-08-24   Gottfried v. China Journal-Chicago Inc. et al   820(Copyright)   Illinois Northern
1:18-cv-01230   2018-02-16   Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Possessionista Media, LLC et al   820(Copyright)   Illinois Northern
1:18-cv-00590   2018-01-26   Maxim v. Gayden et al   820(Copyright)   Illinois Northern
1:17-cv-04891   2017-06-29   Sadowski v. Abbott Connection, Ltd. et al   820(Copyright)   Illinois Northern
1:17-cv-04145   2017-05-31   Sadowski v. Real Clear Holdings, LLC.   820(Copyright)   Illinois Northern
2:18-cv-00250   2018-06-01   Keck v. Lawrence et al   820(Copyright)   Indiana Southern
1:16-cv-01398   2016-06-07   MURDOCK v. AUTHOR SOLUTIONS, LLC   820(Copyright)   Indiana Southern
1:18-cv-00211   2018-02-28   Graf v. Mentor Partners Inc. et al   Copyright   Michigan Western
2:18-cv-01116   2018-06-21   Gavin O Neill v. Jennifer Acosta et al   820(Copyright)   Nevada
2:17-cv-03020   2017-12-08   Sadowski v. Talltanic Pictures LLC et al   820(Copyright)   Nevada
2:17-cv-02448   2017-09-19   Sadowski v. Internet Solutions of Nevada Inc. et al   Copyright   Nevada
2:17-cv-02313   2017-09-01   Michael Grecco Productions, Inc v. Dodge et al   Copyright   Nevada
2:16-cv-01679   2016-07-15   Wild  v. Stephensen   Copyright   Nevada
2:16-cv-00137   2016-01-25   Wild v. The Bug Bully LLC   Copyright   Nevada
6:17-cv-01396   2017-09-06   Reed v. Alpine Real Estate LLC et al   Copyright   Oregon
3:17-cv-01364   2017-08-31   Reed v. Ezelle Investment Properties Inc. et al   Copyright   Oregon
1:17-cv-01298   2017-08-21   Mander v. Southern Oregon Elmer's, LLC.   Copyright   Oregon
1:16-cv-00199   2016-11-17   Keeler et al v. Bell's Home and Auto, Inc.   Property Rights: Copyright   Texas Northern
4:18-cv-00320   2018-02-02   Wild v. Innova Supply Inc. et al   820(Copyright)   Texas Southern
4:17-cv-03322   2017-11-01   Chapman v. Facilium Inc. et al   820(Copyright)   Texas Southern
4:17-cv-02606   2017-08-24   Wild v. Wager et al   820(Copyright)   Texas Southern
4:17-cv-01562   2017-05-22   Sadowski v. BackChina, LLC.   820(Copyright)   Texas Southern
4:17-cv-01406   2017-05-05   Wild v. Cypress Creek Pest Control, Inc.   820(Copyright)   Texas Southern
4:17-cv-00911   2017-03-23   Skoogfors v. Connie Barnaba & Associates, Inc.   820(Copyright)   Texas Southern
4:16-cv-01404   2016-05-18   VanCleave v. Capital Jet, Inc.   820(Copyright)   Texas Southern
1:17-cv-00502   2017-05-25   Wild v. Webtegrity, LLC.   Copyright   Texas Western
1:17-cv-00443   2017-05-11   Wild v. Advanced Termite Control, Inc.   Copyright   Texas Western
1:17-cv-00344   2017-04-12   Wild v. JASCO, Inc.   Copyright   Texas Western
1:17-cv-00264   2017-03-27   Wild v. Atlanta Environmental Pest Services, Inc.   Copyright   Texas Western
1:17-cv-00265   2017-03-27   Wild v. Allergy & Asthma Associates of Connecticut, LLC.   Copyright   Texas Western
1:17-cv-00218   2017-03-08   Wild v. Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC.   Copyright   Texas Western
1:17-cv-00216   2017-03-07   Wild v. Florida Environmental Pest Management, Inc.   Copyright   Texas Western
1:17-cv-00114   2017-02-15   Wild v. Microshield Environmental Services, LLC   Copyright   Texas Western
1:17-cv-00092   2017-02-08   Wild v. Core Pest Solutions, LLC   Copyright   Texas Western
1:16-cv-00847   2016-07-07   Russell v. WOS, Inc.   Copyright   Texas Western
5:16-cv-00686   2016-07-06   Wild v. Emerald Lawns, LLC   Copyright   Texas Western
1:16-cv-00018   2016-01-12   Skoogfors v. Total Health by Elizabeth, LLC   Copyright   Texas Western
5:16-cv-00010   2016-01-06   Wild v. Griffin Pest Control, LLC   Copyright   Texas Western
1:16-cv-00007   2016-01-06   Wild v. Titan Pest Management LLC   Copyright   Texas Western
2:18-cv-00019   2018-01-08   Adlife Marketing & Communications Company v. Peterson Market   Copyright   Utah
5:16-cv-00310   2016-11-18   MyWebGrocer, Inc. v. Adlife Marketing & Communications Co., Inc.   Copyright   Vermont
2:17-cv-01671   2017-11-07   Keck v. LITB, Inc. et al   Copyright   Washington Western
2:17-cv-00481   2017-03-24   Keatley v. Los Angeles Review of Books et al   Copyright   Washington Western

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Re: Lawsuits Higbee Has Actually Filed
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2018, 10:40:29 PM »
Not all cases, plaintiffs, and situations are the same. Yes, Higbee is the lawyer but that doesn't mean that every case is handled the same. Some clients are more "reputable" and credible than others. Some are more litigious than others. Some are more justified than others.

For example, the Youngson/RM Media cases (generally speaking) are a joke because they are all about $10 "gotcha" market value images which takes advantage and abuses the Creative Common System.  It has been referred to as a honeypot scheme.

The Chris Sadowski cases (generally speaking) are likely related to news photography images that went viral. I view the underlying images as more valuable and credible than the pathetic Youngson/RM Media cases.

The Alex Wild cases (generally speaking) are likely related to his nature and insect photography.

The Michael Grecco cases (generally speaking) are likely related to celebrity/paparazzi types of photos which I consider higher-value types of images.

The Adlife Marketing cases (generally speaking) are likely related to food photos and Joel Albrizio's infamous operation we and have covered in the past.  But most of these are likely older cases. One case has gotten very nasty and at deposition and subpoena level.  Latest reports are that he has developed a scheme to pursue copyright claims by mischaracterizing/misclassifying them and running them through his jurisdictions' small claims court. I understand it has largely been a fairly successful endeavor because they have successfully identified defendants who don't have knowledge how to handle a small claims court case.  This is very much under-the-radar stuff that cannot be found on PACER .

Higbee is only a threat to the degree his clients are credible, litigious, and willing to put their names and cases in the public eye.

Having said that, Higbee has a fairly solid operation. I have heard that his non-lawyer clerks are generally polite and respectful. They seem to work in check.  Even the lawyer reports, I don't get reports of Higbee lawyers that say crazy, insane things beyond quoting maximums of statutory damages stuff. 

That is probably a reflection of Higbee's approach which is to NOT invite unnecessary controversy and provoke a reputation of being an overly-aggressive and overly litigious lawyer. My guess is that he has been smart enough to see other operations go down in flames that have tried the "sue the hell out of everyone" approach. They inevitably got put out of business altogether or suffered enormous collateral damage because of the enormous exposure and hornet's nest they triggered.

I am no lover of the Higbee operation. They engage in smoke and mirrors by claiming they are a "national law firm" when they primarily are a California firm with a number or remote workers. They still ask for crazy amounts of money but I have seen worse conduct and behavior in other operations. Like all other operations, they are eager to settle for "reasonable" amounts but remember, they are based in California where the value of the dollar is skewed. So their idea of "reasonable" is still often off-the-charts gouging.
« Last Edit: September 13, 2018, 08:02:36 AM by Matthew Chan »
I'm a non-lawyer but not legally ignorant either. Under the 1st Amendment, I have the right to post facts & opinions using rhetorical hyperbole, colloquialisms, metaphors, parody, snark, or epithets. Under Section 230 of CDA, I'm only responsible for posts I write, not what others write.


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Re: Lawsuits Higbee Has Actually Filed
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2018, 12:06:25 AM »
There is only one RM Media / Youngson lawsuit on the list.  I agree that those honeypot extortion traps cases are probably not worth enough to spend they money it would cost for filing fees and service. That fact should give most people some peace of mind.

Ethan Seven

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Re: Lawsuits Higbee Has Actually Filed
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2018, 06:30:26 AM »
A quick look at this and I can you tell that this list is very incomplete.  Higbee & Associates filed way more cases than this.  You are missing lots of states. My guess is that you searched only on cases filed by Mathew Higbee and you did not include cases filed by his past and present associate attorneys.  His associates are probably the ones filing most cases. 

 I read one of the lawyer/help forums about someone who was dealing with a non-Higbee litigation case that was handled in the pre-lit stage by Higbee.  I think it was a case in Missouri or Georgia.  He also partners on cases with other IP firms.   

Tracking this stuff gets a very tricky. 

I got about 50 hours deep into analysis of their cases, primarily focused on their success rate on his motions.   I got sidetracked.  In short, like most copyright cases, their cases settle fast.  They won every motion that they filed (mostly motions to strike or discovery related).  They were about 50 percent on motions they defended, but I only saw a handful.
Even if I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer.  Copyright matters can have serious consequences.  If you have assets worth protecting, consult a lawyer who is familiar with copyright law and who can review the facts of your case. If you cannot afford one, call your state or county bar association.


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