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  19. Got an extortion letter from Masterfile
  20. Short history of copyright
  21. BMG v Cox, losing DMCA safe harbor for insufficient policy on infringers
  22. Friedman v Live Nation appeal
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  25. Anti-SLAPP Legislation in Florida
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  27. Instagram images and Prince transformative work worth $90,000
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  32. Copyright Troll Craig B. Sanders of Sanders Law, P.L.L.C
  33. Marc Randazza Response to DMCA-like takedown request....
  34. Nashville - $125 just to take pictures in public parks
  35. "Dating Naked" contestant sues for not blurring her vagina and anus
  36. Sconnie Nation: Sorry for partying not infringement!!
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  41. Major San Diego Newspaper Targeted by Emerging Troll Factory
  42. Copyright Question
  44. Photographer Estevan Oriol Files Copyright Suit Against H&M, Brandy Melville
  45. Elf-Man Could Be Very Big :)
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  48. Oscar's Courtroom Strategy Blog
  49. LinkedIn Sued for Hacking Users and Spamming Contacts
  50. Willful Infringement case: USA vs JULIUS CHOW LIEH LIU,