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  1. Full McCormack Copyright Infringement Accusation Story
  2. Seattle Attorney Tim B. McCormack is a Marijuana Entrepreneur
  3. Strange email received
  4. For those curious about Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack
  5. Just got my McCormack nonnegotiable final offer..
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  7. Strange letter received
  8. is Here! The Drama & Controversies ELI Can't Publish!
  9. Timothy B. McCormack Tries to Shut Matthew Chan Down in GA Supreme Court!
  10. Timothy B. McCormack is a Free Speech Thug & First Amendment Butcher!
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  13. Chance Favors the Prepared Mind
  14. Is This a Violation of Lucas Film Copyright?
  15. New York’s highest court strikes down cyber-bullying law
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  17. Announcement: ELI website sold to new owner
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  19. Filing Complaints against McCormack IP Law
  20. Timmy - Got WalletHurt??
  21. Timothy B. McCormack Sends new cease and Desist
  22. Article On The Getty and McCormack Demand Letters
  23. Timmy says ELI is "misogynistic"
  24. ELI Definition of "Butt-hurt" vs. Timothy McCormack definition of "butt-hurt"
  25. Matthew Chan-ELI Response to McCormack Infringement-Defamation-Harassment Letter
  26. Timothy B. McCormack Sends ELI Infringement/Defamation/Harassment Letter
  27. McCormack Letter
  28. New McCormack Letter
  29. "Timmy Mack" Song Lyrics (Parody of "Jimmy Mack" Song by Martha Reeves)
  30. McCormack Intellectual Property Law role with Getty Images questioned
  31. Oscar Michelen Represents Against Timothy B. McCormack
  32. Get Expert Help With Your Extortion Letter!
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  34. Welcome! Please Read the Rules Before You Post
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  40. Got letter from McCormack, but nothing from Getty
  41. Received Letter From McCormack
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  43. Is McCormack IP Law and Staff Unethical and/or Just Sloppy-You Decide? Part I
  44. McCormack IP Law and Staff - You Should Know Better
  45. Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack just made me shit my pants!
  46. My Experience (so far)
  47. Received letter from McCormack Intellectual Property Law for Getty Images
  48. Received a letter from McCormack
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  50. Never received Getty Letter, but got McCormack email Help!