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San Diego's largest newspaper has been slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit by a news media firm that has recently become very active in copyright infringement lawsuits.

It will be very interesting to see how the deep-pocketed publisher of the newspaper will respond to this.

Read more:

It may be that the photographers shot virtually the same image at a public event, and of course each photographer owns the copyright for their work even if it's almost a perfect match.

As an example, consider the camera pits in a baseball game, usually located near first and third base. There's always a bunch of photographers shooting the same events from virtually the same angle. They usually shoot hundreds of pictures each game, and baseball being how it is, you'll end up with the same "money shots" from the game's highlights shot by a dozen different people, all working for different entities.

One of those entities, by the way, is Getty Images. They appear to have some kind of corporate partnership with Major League Baseball so many of the MLB images you see on the mainstream media are attributed both to the photographer and to Getty Images.

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and copyright trolls.

Hawaiian Letters & Lawsuits Forum / Re: VKT Lawsuits
« on: July 31, 2013, 01:51:24 PM »
If someone has evidence of the seeding of VKT images, it has not been made public.

We really don't know what happened with Aloha Plastic Surgery since they settled out of court. It did appear that Carner and Tylor threw in the towel, but that's speculative.

APS can not share the sordid details, but hinted that they were pleased with the settlement. Maybe they had something very juicy on Carner/VKT.

It's also interesting that in the aftermath of the APS lawsuit, Carner refined his model to a more reasonable approach while VKT has gone on his own to be even more aggressive with the court filings than in the past.

Some of the lawsuits he files may be justifiable, but his shotgun approach and his ridiculous claim amounts are contemptible. There is little question he is dedicating himself to monetizing his copyrights via legal abuse and extortion, and it appears he is doing it full-time.

Which makes him a Copyright Troll by profession. For he is truly a legend at it, a copyright troll par excellence, a clear nominee for the Copyright Troll Hall of Shame Lifetime Achievement Award.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: A friend of ELI
« on: June 21, 2013, 05:45:43 AM »
Peeved makes a good point. While the C&D is not required by law, it probably should be. Failure to respond to a C&D, in the case of a legitimate copyright infringement complaint, would appear to be bad faith and could be argued to be intentional infringement.

Another thing Timmy doesn't get is that it's wrong to lie to people to scare them into paying much more than what "fits the crime", or to attempt to force an overly onerous settlement by using "strategic litigation", a.k.a. "extortion".

Her bio is a very amusing read when you think about what she's ultimately doing for a living.

... alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation advocacy, and pre-trial skills and litigation techniques ...

Are those supposed to be euphemisms for copyright trolling?

From her bio one would have to assume she's a very talented and accomplished young lady. So why take a job with a bunch of legal thugs drunk on extortion letter Kool-Aid?

Piensalo bien, Negin. Piensalo bien.

I stand corrected, Robert. I meant to say "the threat of frivolous litigation," which is what these trolls bank on.

It is quite remarkable than young Master Tylor's images are following down the same exact path: From Webshots to HAN to hundreds of baitpaper sites.

Scott Tylor version:

Baitpaper version (one of 281 found, notice the huge resolution of the image):

How do these baitpaper sites keep finding such gigantic samplings of the original works of the Tylor clan? That remains a mystery to ELI, although I suspect an explanation has been sealed with the records of the APS settlement.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: An Experiment Against Getty
« on: February 19, 2013, 09:00:26 PM »

"The campaign to file complaints against us is misguided and misdirected"
  :) ;) 8)

Greg, this is the highest compliment the trolls could possibly lay on you. This is what it sounds like When Trolls Cry.

I find it very ironic that she drove 2 hours in YOUR direction so she could file a restraining order for YOU to stay away from HER?

That like saying, "Come here and leave me alone!"

Not that it's surprising that a person who makes a living out of frivolous litigation would file a frivolous legal action.

She would do better to save the gas money, time and court fees to pay for some counseling to help her deal with her inner troll.

Vincent K. Tylor may have been temporarily discouraged by some factor that resulted in the APS settlement. One possibility is that there was a fatal flaw in the bulk registration of his collections that are currently registered with the Copyright Office with generic names such as "Hawaii 2000". If indeed the method of registration of the collections was hopelessly invalid, his baitpaper portfolio was severely reduced.

Since the early days of the APS lawsuit, I have noticed that VKT has been registering some choice images individually. One of them was the same "Pink Sailboat" image he attempted to troll APS with. He's registered a couple of other images individually since then, the last one on June 4, 2012.

I have a feeling he may have been thinking of continuing to try his hand at trolling with or without Carner, and now it seems pretty clear it will be without Carner. This is the latest image VKT registered:

Note that VKT's image is still on Carner's website. Maybe they had a difference in how to reinvent their approach and parted ways but still share the solidarity that trolls must feel as they convince each other they're doing something other than trolling.

Ian, what you've done amounts to a victory anyway. You've gotten both Marot and Getty exposed for their sleazy practices and in that sense you scored big in the court of public relations.

You've also made it a lot less likely for others to fall into the Marot/Getty trap by shining light on their chicanery.

Pretty much what ELI does for anyone who will research, learn, and most importantly, fight back.

Well done, Ian!

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: New Topic: "ELI After Dark"
« on: January 19, 2013, 06:29:29 PM »
Brilliant find, Greg! I wonder which baitpaper site advertises on Timmy's blog? Maybe it's another one of our favorite trolling outfits!

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: ELI Forum Announcement
« on: January 19, 2013, 02:10:26 PM »
Yup, it seems to be running fine. Very nice work on short notice.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Forum issues and status update
« on: January 19, 2013, 02:07:49 PM »
Mac OS X 10.6, Safari 6.0.2 — all good at this time. Thanks for your hard work, Robert.

Jot, you're right about the sticky threads and how some people still won't read them anyway. Matt's put up several sticky posts on top of the forum's home page. It seems a lot of people go right past those looking for the way to post a question that's answered clearly in the FAQ sticky posts.

Some of the older members are becoming quite sensitive about duplication fatigue, which is valid. I suggest replying to those questions by simply pointing people to the FAQ URL and tell them it's required reading before posting.

Maybe there's a way to create a filter so that a new user can't post until they've at least visited the FAQ post pages? That way we help people cool down off the initial rush of feeling threatened by an extortion letter before they actually post a question or comment, and hopefully that would reduce endless duplication of topic discussions.

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