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Yes, both Joel and Linda meet the profile of people who act badly online.

Is Joel threatening to send the Boston PD?  ;D Maybe we need to make a song with splicing Joel and "The Devil Went Down to GA"

Hi all,

Been keeping up with the Joel Albrizio craze. Nuts. Anyway, I wrote my own commentary about it as a business owner, an author, and a reviewer. I've also wrote about Linda Ellis since she is rearing her ugly head again.

This is great! I am surprised that Highsmith hasn't hit them with fraud, racketeering, and copyfraud along with the theft. I hope they aren't able to sweep it under the rug like all the rest. Getty has gotten to big for its breeches and "too big to fail" syndrome.

"Master Fail" is good but my line of thinking was along the lines Mother F#$%s  ;D

Well, Masterfile is living up to its name in a whole new way: the Master of filing lawsuits. True to being one of the Three Racketeers. "All for money, money for all!"

Considering their initials are MF, that can give a good indication of what that could really stand for and just WHAT they are.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: The Legal "Haves" and Legal "Have-Nots"
« on: January 25, 2016, 09:14:22 AM »
There could be a book in all that somewhere  ;). Something along the lines of "Street Legal" or something like that. Just a thought.

Oh wow. He made the world a better place by feeding the trolls. What an idiot. *headdesk*
 Keep going, Matthew even when it feels like you want to throw in the towel. You have made the world a better place by teaching us that the trolls exist and NOT to feed them.

It would be nice if EFF could nail them to the wall for fraud and/or racketeering. LCS is deliberately lying and misquoting the law to people to get their money. Let see how they play the tune "I didn't know" and they be on the defensive for a change.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Has LCS Crossed a Legal Line?
« on: December 28, 2015, 11:59:25 AM »
These people at LCS are pretty much frauds. They try to collect money on photos that they may not even own. They have been known to grab public domain images or internet memes and declare ownership (personal experience here). They hope that you don't check. Chances are they won't supply the paperwork upon request to validate their ownership (several cases in this forum). Their usual reply is "We will supply the paperwork we sue you." It's a smokescreen. Don't buy it.

Even though you have all the licensing info about the photo, you can contact the photographer and let them know that their work is being used in a probable extortion scheme. You can ask them if they are represented by these people. If they are not and the photog's picture is in their database without permission, then LCS will be on the hook for infringement. This is not the only time Getty Images/LCS has been sued for infringement.

You have a strong defense here. They really don't have a prayer. You don't have to prove anything to these people, but have a strong defense for a hypothetical judge. These people aren't reasonable. You have tried to be reasonable. They will hound you in which they hope you will give up and pay. If you do, they will be back with more "claims".

Getty Images Letter Forum / A Part Deux to Greg Troy's Letter Campaign
« on: December 08, 2015, 02:59:00 PM »
I have been giving this idea some serious thought for awhile, but debated posting since I wasn't sure if I really had anything new to offer, but after ELI folks came by and stopped by my little neck of the woods in cyberspace and talking with Matthew, I know it's time to share.

For anyone unfamiliar with Part I of the CABA Law letter program here is the thread here: Kudos to Greg for thinking of it and sharing and his amazing stories of success thus far.

He has driven home the idea of extortion rather well, but since the extortion is legalized, no one is doing anything about it. It's time to take Greg's great success and up the ante. I have looked at past copyright troll cases in what they were impaled upon and I think some of these apply and any case there is real evidence. It's just their MO has changed somewhat in how they find their targets due to the increase their technology. Here they are in no particular order:


In my case against John DeBoer I have a strong case of fraud, if it isn't fraud, then he is incompetent. So basically it's self explanatory. If there is fraud in any of the transmissions with a troll or the DMCA takedown is bogus, there there can be mail fraud, email fraud, internet fraud. If anything is fraudulent and someone is deceived into submitting it to their business insurance, then that is insurance fraud.


Copyright trolling by its definition is a racket. The inflation of the facts where alleged infringements inflate the statistics for actual infringements due to the trolling scheme itself is a racket. Using retroactive licenses to "cure" an alleged infringement after the fact when it has been rendered invalid by the courts is a racket. The whole seeding and entrapment schemes are a racket. The whole "guilty until proven innocent, this letter is a judgement" charade is a racket. "Inevitable litigation" when there might not be could be a racket. The screenshot as sole evidence of copying (when it may not be a copy at all--a hotlinked image) is a racket. The whole thing where Getty is exploiting internet memes for their trolling scheme is a racket... There may be more, but this is good to get the point across.

Take a look at this article. This reminds me of the last page of the John DeBoer Letter I posted in another thread: Someone sued a troll for racketeering, but they couldn't get it to stick, but just sayin...

Here are a couple other articles about Seeding and Entrapment Schemes (Vincent K. Tylor is the poster child for this as well as Linda Ellis): (Matthew Chan) (photographer)
Abuse of Power

This is the whole thing about using the knowledge of the law and the legal system as the proverbial gun to the naive "average Joe's" head to intimidate, bully, deceive, and collect money.


This goes with the extortion scheme in that there could be public shame done to the "accused" in the event of litigation to add insult to injury. What Linda Ellis did for her "public apology" for her victims could fall under this category.

Denial of Service

I know some people here at ELI know that Picscout is a very bad robot. Here is a recap here:

Here are some other articles about Denial of Service which is illegal.

What Picscout does to our websites when it steals our bandwith and causes our sites to crash when it is hacking into our site and lifting our info falls into this category. When Linda Ellis sent a bogus DMCA takedown notice to shut down April Brown's YouTube account and to the IP provider for ELI against Matthew Chan could be a fit.

If Picscout were a good little bot like the Google bot and actually helped us when we followed the law, then I wouldn't have a problem. Instead it is like Skynet with its terminator army and HKs. The fact that some of the dirtywork is outsourced overseas to a thug company in Israel in a cloak and dagger fashion also tells me that not everything is all right under the hood.

That said, take what you can use. I know there is a lot of experience and commentary at ELI to properly load your guns. As you can tell, I am not afraid to call the kettle black.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Getty's Change in Tactics
« on: December 08, 2015, 01:58:22 PM »
Here is an update about the Getty letter. After sending them a letter back and giving it to them with both barrels and refusing to talk to my LCS trollette "Madison" I haven't heard from them again. I am going to write about their epic fail publicly on my blog as well.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: A.K. (Amanda) Taylor's Awesome Blog posts
« on: December 08, 2015, 01:50:35 PM »
Thank you, Matthew! This is still so cool of you! :) Hi again to all since it's been awhile since I've posted since I have been busy writing for my blog and working and writing/brainstorming for my books.

Thanks for the extra info, Robert! Can't wait to see that post. The photographers also sell that image on their website for 99 cents as a puzzle download.

It would be nice to tell the Texas Bar that he likes to add some fraud, racketeering, and abuse of power with his extortion :P

I also got in touch with Oscar about this, and he's also on board. So the more of the lovely ELI people, the better!  ;)

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