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Mr. Michelen:
Your recent post explains allot.  Running on borrowed money could explain Mr. Riddick's irrational desperation.  

He appears to be getting incredibly bad (understatement) business advice from someone, or perhaps he comes up with this stuff on his own.  You really have to dig to find it, but the stuff this guy comes up with is so over the top that it defies reason.

Here is an example of one of his money making ideas.  How anyone of sound mind could believe even for a second that this would work!?  And he purchased hundreds and hundreds of useless domains and most with a DATE reference as part of the name.  Dugh!
(copy and paste this link)

Same here, Mr. Michelen.  Riddick's amateur antics are not flying very well with this judge.  Absolutely can not wait to see the next post!

Can not wait to see them, Matthew!  Thanks!

Mr. Riddick somehow always manages to anger readers with his book-length comments throughout the web.  The resulting replies are often entertaining.  This is one of my many favorites...

Chris Wellons 3/3/09 10:30 am
Hey, George Riddick, stop being a moron and learn how to use “robots.txt” sometime, so you can stop all your childish whining. Having one will keep all the search engines from indexing your precious 1990’s clipart.
Get with the times. The robot exclusion standard has been around for 15 years now. You have no excuse to complain about anything. (Hey, maybe you just like throwing temper tantrums.)

The Internet is littered with his failed business ideas.  MPAC (domain squatting), LogoWorks (domain squatting with outdated clipart), Islandview, Copyright Code Red and all the rest.  He appears incapable of an original idea.  

There is a long well documented trail of Mr. Riddicks false and inflammatory statements on blogs, and long winded, arrogant, often incoherent ramblings on news articles.  Mr. Riddick truly believes that the government and everyone else for that matter, owes him a monopoly simply because Imageline couldn't adapt to the marketplace.

Move on, George.  Leave the rest of us alone.

OMG! Classic Riddick! He has respect for no one other than himself.

Thank you, stevep. Please keep us posted. Is there any way to get a look at the transcripts?

It might be time to get a new "point man" for that Imageline website upgrade.  And for for that matter.

Apparently, domain squatting did not pay off for Mr. Riddick.  His Islandview company website is down for non-payment (as of this post).
I also see that the corporate website upgrade for Imageline is right on schedule.

I have read the complaint twice now (it gives me such pleasure) and will likely read it again several more times.  The exhibits are a disturbing look into Riddick's world.  The baseless, utterly unprofessional and personal attacks on the attorney in this case are reminiscent of the brash and distasteful verbal attacks unleashed upon Matthew by Mr. Riddick through this very forum.  These are the rants of someone unstable and with obvious anger issues.  I do chuckle at the George'isms such as "over there," "up there." and "down here."  "The pirates are on the shores of Montezuma!"
I know that you are careful to monitor these post, Matthew, for relevancy and adherence to the facts involved.  I would expect however, that there may be many posts to come expressing adulation for Bernina USA, Mr. Michelen and yourself.  
I will again make a contribution via PayPal to support this vital resource.
Keep up the good fight, Matthew!

And we are extremely grateful for your efforts, Matthew!

This lawsuit comes as great news to all of us long time Riddick victims.  This man is clearly disturbed and a threat to himself and the public.  I truly believe that he will one day face criminal charges.  Maybe then, the threatening emails from Riddick will stop and we can all move on in peace.

Riddick/Imageline Letter Forum / He's Still At It!
« on: July 15, 2010, 05:33:42 PM »
Here is the latest email from Mr. Riddick:
NOTE:  First contact is always labeled "3rd Notice."

Please be reminded that the most recent discounted settlement offer made to
you, and the other officers and directors of your company, by Imageline,
Inc. expires at 5:30 p.m. (EST) tomorrow afternoon (Friday July 16, 2010).

 Any agreement we reach with you to settle these claims and release you and
your customers from copyright infringement liabilities will obviously be
contingent on our providing you with proof of our exclusive ownership in the
digital clipart illustrations and designs we found you to be infringing.

If you have already decided to reject our offer and prefer for Imageline to
turn this matter over to our outside litigation counsel, please identify the
names and contact information for each officer and director of your
organization, your registered agent, and a licensed attorney who will be
representing you in this serious matter.

Thank you.

Copyright Compliance Team
Imageline, Inc.

(804) 368-8731 - voice
(804) 368-8721 - fax


From: George Riddick []
Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2010 2:36 PM
To: ''
Cc: ''; '';
Subject: New Judicial Standards for Copyright Infringement - 3rd Notice

Dear Copyright Infringer,

Since we have not received any correspondence from you to the contrary, we
must assume that your use of Imageline's copyright-registered image(s) on
your website, as previously documented and sent you on numerous occasions,
constitutes serious copyright infringement.

While we do not agree with the two recent rulings (see below link) in
Minnesota and Massachusetts that significantly lowered well-reasoned jury
damage awards, we are aware that these rulings will establish rough
guidelines that other federal jurisdictions are likely to follow, or at
least take into consideration.,2817,2366296,00.asp

As you know, Imageline is in the process of filing a federal lawsuit against
you and your organization. We have sent you specific documentation showing
you each of our copyright-registered clipart illustrations and designs you
have infringed. It is also our view that the unlawful display and
distribution of images, which are often copied and infringed again and again
downstream, causes substantially more marketplace damages than the sharing
of songs for personal use. Therefore, we expect for the infringement
damages award in  our cases to be much higher than the two cases referenced
While we believe we will be entitled to substantially more than the
$2,250.00 per independent infringement (3 times the minimum statutory award
of $750.00 per infringement), as well as additional DMCA Section 1202
damages and all attorneys fees, we are willing to accept the amount awarded
in these two highly publicized court cases if you decide to settle with
Imageline before July 16, 2010.
Please also remember that your customers, who downloaded or copied one of
copyright-registered images from your website, are also liable for copyright
infringement and could have additional damage claims against you if you do
not try to resolve this dispute amicably.
Once we turn these claims over to our litigation attorneys these settlement
amounts will go up sharply. As of today, this case has not yet been
Please have your business owner(s) or your attorney contact me directly
prior the end of business on Friday July 16th if you would like to consider
this alternative to a federal copyright infringement lawsuit. If you need
another copy of the documented infringements , please let us know that
request immediately.
Imageline has been actively fighting digital piracy for over fifteen (15+)
years now, and we have a well-deserved reputation of never letting a known
infringement go unresolved.
Please contact me via e-mail and let us know which way wish for us to

Thank you.
George P. Riddick, III
Imageline, Inc.

Riddick/Imageline Letter Forum / Riddick's World
« on: March 05, 2009, 01:12:31 PM »
You reap what you sew and it appears that Mr. Riddick's seeds have really begun to grow in ernest.
Terry S and Mr. Riddick may indeed find themselves in court or worse.  

Sorry...looks like the article is gone.  Have you seen Mr. Riddick's damage control postings?  "The perfect gentleman?"  On what planet?

Good news!  The word is getting out.   Search "George P Riddick III" on Google and note the first and second search results.

Riddick/Imageline Letter Forum / A Clear Message
« on: February 28, 2009, 06:17:15 PM »
From everything I read on this website, the message is quite clear.  Do not purchase professional graphics, photos or clipart.  Do not support “professional” artists of any kind in any way.  If you do, you will be sued.

I have paid hard earned US dollars for every single image on my website.  And along comes the likes of Mr. Riddick.
So again, the message that I get from Getty, MasterFile, Riddick, Jupiter and their ilk is very clear.  Buy professional works of any kind and you will be sued.  

It is sad that the UAW has killed the auto industry.  It is equally sad that Getty, MasterFile, Jupiter, and Riddick are killing the image industry.  There will be thousands of unemployed auto workers and an equal number of unemployed artists.

From this day forward, I will NEVER purchase a professional image of any kind from any source.  Getting back to my website, it is loaded with images that I purchased legally.  This was before the revelation that purchasing professional images will get you sued.  The question that I pose is this.   How do I make my website Riddick-proof, Jupiter-proof, MasterFile-proof, and Getty-proof.  I am fairly certain that removing all images would adversely affect sales.  Income from sales is what my family and these predators are counting on.  Do I just start replacing professional images with home made images?

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