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Legal Controversies Forum / Patent trolls have a new enemy: Martha Stewart
« on: September 28, 2013, 01:19:17 PM »
Patent troll Lodsys demands $5,000 from Martha Stewart. That was a bad idea

Patent trolling has become so widespread that no business is safe. A couple of months ago I noted that Whataburger, Kroger and J. Crew had joined the anti-troll fight. Now one patent troll has attracted an even more formidable foe: Martha Stewart.

GigaOm reports that Stewart's firm, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, has filed a lawsuit against LodSys, one of the nation's most prolific patent trolls.

Might be interesting to see how this pans out..

Four LinkedIn members filed a stunning complaint in federal court last week,  accusing the professional social networking giant of hacking members’ email accounts in an effort to increase membership and revenues. The plaintiffs, seeking class action status, claimed that LinkedIn will surreptitiously harvest email addresses using “open” connections to email accounts such as Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Mail, Google Gmail, and a number of other web-based email service providers. After doing so, the company will send multiple reminders to the recipients to join, ostensibly on behalf of LinkedIn members.

Hawaiian Letters & Lawsuits Forum / Vincent K Tylor has a nice payday
« on: September 18, 2013, 07:39:05 PM »
People never cease to amaze me in their ignorance..

feel free to comment on

One by one, courts are recognizing and shutting down copyright trolls' most unscrupulous legal tactics. Last week, a federal court in Wisconsin sanctioned a lawyer for adult film producer Malibu Media (also known as X-Art) for filing lists of "disturbing lewd, unusual and unredacted titles of pornographic films allegedly also downloaded by the defendant" but not produced by Malibu, in eleven lawsuits. Judge William Conley said that the list "appears calculated principally to harass defendants." The ruling will hopefully put a stop to this awful tactic nationwide.

More important still, Judge Conley recognized that lawsuit campaigns against Internet subscribers "already give off an air of extortion" even when plaintiffs' attorneys follow all of the rules. That's why more and more judges are looking carefully at these suits for any sign of abusive tactics.

Renowned photographer/video director Estevan Oriol has filed a lawsuit against Swedish fashion brand H&M and fashion house Brandy Melville for the use of his copyrighted image known as "L.A. Fingers."

The photo was first used during a 1995 photo session, depicting a female model's long, ring-clad fingers forming the letters "L.A." for Los Angeles. The image has since become iconic and has been legally published worldwide in various magazines and Oriol-branded clothing.

As you may know, Heroes of Cosplay is using dozens of images on their show to introduce costumes and the cosplayers/stars of the show. Who do you think took those pictures? Not SyFy – which is what they should have done from the start. I mean c’mon, they are NBC Universal – do you really think they didn’t have the funds to properly pay a photographer to follow them and shoot? Or possibly, they liked the quality and concepts of the photographs already taken so much that they just used stolen images from the cosplay community of photographers. But for some reason, they didn’t feel like paying them like REAL photographers – because that makes sense, right?

Getty Images Letter Forum / Getty Images find itself in court....again
« on: August 23, 2013, 03:54:45 PM »
At some point Getty Images, Jonathan Klien, Lisa Willmer and that asswipe Timothy B McCormack are really going to start suffering from all of these black eyes getty is getting... Once again a photographer has filed suit for copyright infringement.. I wonder what Getty's defense will be?? Maybe, "we never sold it", "someone told us it was free to use", "our web designer put it on our site".. I hope they loose their asses bunch of trolls the whole lot of them!

yup, the same Jennifer Sherrouse that was involved in some rather unsavory real estate tactics, you've heard of her before, have a look at the following link to refresh your memory!

She has once again enlisted the help of / Carolyn Wright / Evan Anderson to sue a fellow real estate agent in the Atlanta area.. She sure knows how network!!

Here is the link to the complaint compliments of PACER:

Getty Images Letter Forum / "Copyright Compliance Officer" Geoffrey Beal
« on: August 23, 2013, 12:59:54 PM »
Just another example of how the interwebs works its' magic! I bet Geoffrey Beal over at masterfile is just lovin this!

overage of one of the Web’s biggest copyright trolls. The cable company is also putting pressure on TorrentFreak’s Web host to take the blog offline. Unfortunately, Comcast, or a company that helps enforce its copyrights online, doesn’t seem to understand how public records work.
Last week, TorrentFreak reported on Prenda Law’s alleged decision to upload professional porn to a filesharing site in hopes of attracting illegal downloaders that Prenda could then sue for infringement.
In response to a subpoena, Comcast filed a document confirming the link between Prenda and the uploaded files.

Marilyn Monroe may have been the most prominent sex symbol of the last century, but her image cannot be used to promote a highbrow West Palm Beach strip club, her estate argued in a federal lawsuit filed last week.

Monroe's of Palm Beach is infringing on the late actress' trademark by using her name and image in its signs, its Twitter account and its very name, according to the lawsuit filed by the estate of Marilyn Monroe, which is based in New York.

Link to Court Document:

Local San Francisco television news station KTVU has embarked on a novel use of copyright law to cover up embarrassing footage. It has been issuing takedown notices to YouTube for videos showing its anchor literally reading fake names of pilots involved in the recent airline crash at San Francisco International Airport.

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter suggests that many online streaming services might be relying on the wrong company to properly license her work.

According to Mann's lawsuit, not all of the music being provided by MediaNet is properly licensed. Mann is demanding statutory damages for willful copyright infringement of some 120 songs, which could amount to damages as high as $18 million.

Back in 2006, a pornography publishing company named Perfect 10 attempted to sue Google over copyright infringement, claiming that the thumbnails displayed on Google’s image search did not fall under “fair use.” Ultimately, the Supreme Court wouldn’t even hear the case, allowing the ruling that thumbnails are fair use to stand and handing Perfect 10 yet another loss (they’ve sustained many in this area).

It seems like all of those llama slideshows might be coming back to bite BuzzFeed.
The website, which is known for aggregating images from other sources, is being sued by a professional photographer whose photo was used in a typical BuzzFeed post called “The 30 Funniest Header Faces.”
The Guardian:
His picture of a grimacing player was removed from the article – now titled “The 29 Funniest Header Faces” – after he made an initial complaint in May 2011.
But in a lawsuit filed in New York, Eiselein accused Buzzfeed of “direct and contributory infringement” and claims he is owed $3.6m after his work was shared widely across the web.

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