Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan

Matthew S. Chan is president of Ascend Beyond Publishing and Tempest Broadcasting. In publishing, Matthew is the author of several business books and business audio programs. They include The TurnKey Publisher Series, The TurnKey Investor Series, and The Intrepid Way.

In broadcasting, Matthew is the Executive Producer for Tempest Broadcasting, a web-based media network specializing in video publishing, video marketing, and video syndication for businesses. As Executive Producer, Matthew works closely with business owners to create, syndicate, host, and broadcast their own unique branded educational shows throughout the Internet.

In addition to his media business interests, Matthew is a seasoned real estate investor and continues to oversee the property management of his and his investment partners real estate investment properties.

Because of his extensive technical skills with computers, Internet, and other technologies, Matthew integrates and incorporates those skills into every business venture he works and consults on. Matthew synthesizes that expertise into Web Domination Strategies that organically move unknown and obscure businesses to high Internet presence and search engine profiles. Matthew has consulted for a wide-variety of businesses and industries.

Matthew’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Central Florida, and a Masters of Business Administration from Webster University.

Matthew Chan (aka Matthew Valor) can be found writing on his newest website,

You can contact Matthew at: matt30060 at gmail.

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