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Hawaiian Letters & Lawsuits Forum / Re: Are State and city offices targets?
« on: February 18, 2015, 01:08:43 PM »
Because I work with them and have circulated warnings.  I have asked about the source of images when I see things posted or printed and they take things from google despite my warnings. City and state offices are not that organized and do not have  central office or library. Most of the materials and online stuff is managed by an admin person working in the office. I just saw a mailer go out with an image taken from a major insurance company. I again brought up the issue but people thinks gov is exempt from being sued but from what I read that does not apply to copyright infringement.

Hawaiian Letters & Lawsuits Forum / Are State and city offices targets?
« on: February 17, 2015, 04:15:32 AM »
Has anyone heard of and state/city/gov offices getting demand letters of any kind? I see state/city offices using illegal imagery all the time on posters, websites, social media, newsletters, etc. I attempted to warn some reps and they did not think it was a problem, that gov offices are excluded from that threat. But they are technically for profit and potentially a big jackpot for trolls because they aren't going to get tied up in legal battles. Curious what everyone's thoughts are on this?

I understand that but I helped him a great deal, took time out of my schedule to do so, send him info that helped his case I am quite sure, and agreed to be on his witness list.  So I just thought he might take 5 minutes to call me back at least and say thanks for your help sorry but I can't talk about it. 

Hawaiian Letters & Lawsuits Forum / VERMONT WOODS - Another casualty?
« on: November 05, 2014, 07:54:12 AM »
Ok so lets just say it.  They got beat down didn't they?  Posts are getting removed here, her posts are getting removed, Oscar posts a message that seemed oddly like he was being held at gunpoint.

Please tell me Vincent Tylor didn't just bully another business into settlement or bankruptcy?

It seems they got beat down.  Noticed her stuff was removed, and that certain posts are being removed here and now Oscar posted that message that seems like some settlement agreement. I tried to contact her to ask her what was going on and she isn't responding anymore.

That happened with Aloha Plastic Surgery.  That guy was wanting all kinds of information, really active then suddenly he was gone and got all short and rude responding to a status check.  Used everyone for information and then couldn't be bothered to even be polite and say "thanks for checking and for your time, sorry but I can't talk about it." 

I am going to take a guess here that he is somehow having to do this as part of some settlement agreement because this makes no sense.  I don't know why Oscar would post this unless he was forced to. 

This is part of Vincent K Tylors strategy and why he gets away with this time and time again.  He uses the legal system to force people into settlements or bankruptcy and part of the settlements they have to shut up.  That happened with Aloha Plastic Surgery, everything was silenced right?   

Let me clear some things up about Vincent Kay Tylor.

Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Capturing a breath-taking view of one really requires being in the right place at the right time. 

NOT TRUE. Scenery does not change.  This is not like Photojournalism and any moron with a decent camera can catch a good image in Hawaii. I have seen Highschool kids with old GoPros get better images than Vincent Kay Tylor.  The right place and right time should refer to legally.  He knows how to work the system that is it.

(Note: Vincent Khoury Tylor is the father of Vincent Scott Tylor- both are Hawaiian Photographers)

HE IS NOT HAWAIIAN.  He has only lived there 10 years.  If he was Hawaiian or even a respectful local he would not be going after people in his own state, many who live on the properties he treks through to catch his images.  The more people become aware of what he is doing, he is going to have a very hard time with the locals there.  Hawaii does not like people especially "haoles" that act like this.

On his sites, he watermarks the images so that it is further easy to prove ownership and if someone removes the watermark (or content management information as it is legally known) that creates a second claim or cause of action against that person.

As someone else pointed out here in this forum, he has not done the proper things a photographer does to protect his images. I wish I could find the post where someone shared an email to him where they pointed that out and he said he was going to be doing that. This was like 2 years ago.  His website has NOT changed. You can still right click his images, and none of the other things that were suggested were done.  He added a copyright notice to where he outright LIED about not providing images to wallpaper sites.  That same post I referenced also had him admitting that he supplied his photos to a website that provides images to a wallpaper site.  He even said he STILL DID IT even after knowing. (if anyone can find that post and share it that would be great, there is so much on this subject I can't find it now and I don't remember the user name)

In addition several of his most popular stolen images are still highly ranked in google, from temporary Wordpress blogs NOT wallpaper sites.  One blog that appears to be his.  Being that he is so aggressive with removing images he could have easily gotten that down through Wordpress or even easier with GOOGLE who can remove it from searches.  And why does he have a crappy little unmanaged blog indexing photos? 

VT's demands both in his letters and through his litigation ask for damage amounts that I believe exceed what he would recover in a court of law.

This is strategic.  He drains people financially or scares them into settlements to keep it out of court.  He is preying on people's ignorance of copyright and not basing amounts on usage, duration, size, traffic, position.  This was evident in that one case recently which now appears to have gotten taken down, where the women was getting sued for $100,000 for some small blog image that had no traffic.


I don't buy the whole victim card, that they can't get people to remove images etc.  I can give you a list of about 20 really great credible Hawaii photographers who are well published and have fantastic images.  NOT ONE of them have the issues VKT does.  I have spoken with a few and asked why they dont have these problems.  They all said the same thing.  They take the proper steps to prevent it, they never allowed their images to get out in large file sizes, and they know how to effective takedowns, notices, and google reports.  IN the few cases they lost control of an image, they did not pursue any aggressive legal claims unless the people didn't take the images down right away.  They also said that by dealing fairly, most people were very accommodating and willing to pay fair fees.  They have never had any complaining about it.

In fact when you search Hawaii images why is he the one that has the most images out there. Do you have any idea how many good Hawaii images are out there? 

Another thing that has been mentioned several times by Hawaii businesses is that VKT should never be treating the local businesses like that.  It is a cultural thing.  When you live in a state where you are guest, where people are behind everyone else, you don't sue like that.  Photographers are not happy with him because he is making it harder for them to recover legitimately without looking like a copyright troll. 

He has no care about what he is doing to his career, his name and potentially his future when eventually the courts catch on.  People will come after him and he is going to be in a world of trouble legally.

**I am trying to login to my old account here to find my history so I can reference the posts I talked about here.  But if anyone has a link to it can you post?

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