Aldrich Law Firm Settlement Demand Letter for Hawaiian Art Network

One of our ELI Forums readers submitted to us a brand-new extortion letter never seen before. We call it the “Aldrich Law Firm Settlement Demand Letter” and we have included it within the ELI Document Library on Scribd. This time around, it comes from Attorney Russell Aldrich from the Aldrich Law Firm in San Antonio, TX. The client being represented is Hawaiian Art Network, a company that continues to be a recurring topic of discussion on the ELI Forums.

The interesting thing about this letter is how it includes a FAQ that is nearly identical in wording to the FAQ provided by Getty Images. Is this a coincidence?  Have we caught a lawyer red-handed plagiarizing the FAQ letter from Getty Images? Does Getty Images know about this?

In looking at Russell’s LinkedIn profile, he has been a lawyer since November 2011 (less than 3 months)! And he moonlights as an Executive Officer for the 321st Military Intelligence Battalion, Charlie Company.

Hawaiian Art Network continues their “excellent” record of using young, inexperienced lawyers to do their collection work. We wonder how long this one will last.

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