Chicken-Shit for Canadian Getty Images Extortion Letter Recipients

This is a follow-up response to a Canadian forum reader who wanted clarification my original post on “Canadian Extortion Letter Recipients Get Poor Advice from Canadian IP Lawyer”.

I thought I was fairly clear in my original post about Howard Knopf and his so-called recommendations for Canadian letter recipients. Allow me to be more explicit.

First, I have come to the conclusion Howard Knopf is a CSL (chicken-shit lawyer) that is afraid to give an opinion and barely lifted a finger to do anything in the years he has been “involved”. His data-gathering post was there when I got my first extortion letter 4 years ago and it is still there today with newbies posting their stories aimlessly.

For an IP attorney supposedly knowledgeable in copyright matters, he is strangely silent and yet people stupidly keep posting on his one lone thread that he answers maybe once a freaking year, if that. And he deletes mine and Oscar’s posts for “daring” to be helpful.

And the only “actionable” advice Howard Knopf has is to ask Dr. Fewer who appears to be a legal egghead interested in watching and studying people twist in the wind vs. writing an article or some position paper or something for people. How USELESS is that advice? You have better results farting upwind for one nugget of helpful insight or advice.

Their position is what Getty is doing is technically legal.  Well NFS!, it’s legal what the stock photo companies are doing. But is it so tough on their “reputations” to actually state an opinion or helpful piece of insight?  It is only if you are a CSL.

Clearly, this topic about the Canadian situation ruffles my feathers because their having a so-called brain means nothing when they have a malnourished, undeveloped spine to support their brain.  They are too worried about ramifications about voicing one independent thought about the matter. Hence, I have no problems saying they are spineless cowards.

I normally would not normally be so outwardly disparaging or insulting to anyone who has not directly attacked me. But what I have seen from them the last 4 years is truly apathetic and pathetic on so many levels. This is why ELI has rolled over them in terms of actually helping thousands of people worldwide. We actually take a stand, we educate people, and we give out practical advice. I didn’t have to be some legal egghead or some bar-licensed lawyer to learn how to do so. You just have to stop being a chicken-shit once in your life.

They still think this is a big legal exercise to study. Whereas, ELI is out here fighting in public taking on lawyers and corporate drones from Getty, Masterfile, and the like.  From Day One when I wrote my rebuttal letters, I knew this was more than about “protecting” against copyright infringements.  It is a sleazy, money-grabbing operation that uses nasty and dishonest tactics. It has to be stopped and people need to be made aware of their sleazy operation.

As far as I can tell, Howard Knopf and Dr. Fewer are chicken-shit spectators watching Canadian letter recipients twist in the wind.  I don’t care how smart they might be.  It they can’t use their brain to help others besides collect data, I want no part of them.

I would simply say that even as a Canadian, you are better served to follow the advice we give to Americans vs. dealing with CSLs.

I hope this post clarifies my position about the Canadian team of Knopf and Fewer.

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