Cobra Collection Agency Scam: Testimonials

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I unfortunately last year had Cobra Collections to work some delinquent accounts of mine.  You can only guess what has happened.  They have collected my monies and I in return have got nothing.  I am now going through my accounts and getting them to get me all the cleared checks so I can pursue a suit against this company.  I did make a call into a Nichole Dikerson at the attorneys number you had listed on your site.  I just wanted to say thank you for listing this info.  I would not have had any other way of knowing who to call.  I have been on the phone with the BBB and they have been very help full.  I also wanted to give you COBRAS new number.  I have not called them because I didn’t want to scare them into changing there number again until I can get all my info together.  For your info 706-562-2343.  I may not be able to get any of my money out of them but I would like to let them  know they cannot do this to people.

Again, thank you so much for your blog.

Jennifer C.
Sumner, GA


Good Afternoon Matthew

Let me tell you a little story. I just took over as comptroller of my company, and the person who was doing my job prior was not really qualified.

I have come across a dealing that he had with the Cobra Collection Agency. He was dealing with a collector named “Tom Franklin”. The debt in question was $1588.00. Somehow, they managed to debit our bank account for the following amounts: $1,393.00, $300.00, $644.00 and $644.00 ($2981.00). In my taking over, I performed an audit of the books and discovered this.  I tried to call them at the 706-568-8800 number, and it was disconnected. I started a web search to see if I could locate them (I thought it would be great, if I could retrieve this overpayment), as you stated in your posts, the number was disconnected. I tried the number that was on your blog, and got a very generic voicemail. After I read your weblog, I almost decided to write it off, but then thought, maybe I could get some more info from you. It never hurts to try.

Please forward to me, and information you have regarding this company. What they did with our bank account is nothing short of theft.

Thank you for your time,

Michelle S.


Dear Matt,

Before the “Cobra Collection Scam” story broke, I had been experiencing problems with them, and I am not a business owner, I am a regular consumer.  Let me give you some insight into my story:

I owed a debt to Gymnastics Unlimited (maybe you could look into whether they have a complaint with the agency). After speaking with a very persuasive collector from Cobra, I paid a portion of the arrears by my debit card. It was supposed to be a one time transaction,but, as I soon found out, they were deducting the same amount from my debit card every month. I did not sign anything stating that I wanted an automatic, recurring debit from my account, nor did I verbally authorize the transactions. As of this date, Cobra has illegally deducted (stolen) $123.60  from my account.

I am interested to know if anyone else has the same complaints as I have. Perhaps you could look into the matter further, because I’m thinking of taking legal action. And please keep the public up to date on the fate of Cobra. You are doing a fine service to the community, keep up the good work!

Best Regards,

LaQuita J.


Just wanted to say thanks for stepping up and offering your help with the whole Cobra Collections fiasco. I made the mistake of paying a debt (MiniBook) to them in March. Although I paid in full they are continuing to try and take money from my account. I am currently working with my bank (Wachovia) who is being very helpful in blocking her attempts and in trying to get contact information. Wachovia called her bank and they had her phone number as 970-xxx-xxxx and no address. I am currently escalating the complaint directly with her bank with the help of Wachovia. I’ll let you know if I get anywhere so the information can be shared with others.

Thanks for the website!

Jonathan P.


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