Defense Against Public Embarassment

Some of you are going to be embarassed by receiving a Letter from Getty Images and don’t want anyone to know. You might be concerned of harassing phone calls. Others of you are going to be embarassed for being stupid and being a victim of some scam artist or unscrupulous web graphic designers. Others think your professional reputation will be tarnished and your livelihood affected.

All of this might be true to some degree but I will tell you that most people are pretty forgiving of your mistakes and your ignorance. But you have to own up to them. You have to be willing to publicly say you were an idiot but now you know better.

If you were a scumbag and intentionally ripped of Getty Images or anyone else for that matter, you get what you deserve. But so many more of us really were in the dark and only now learning about the crooks we have dealt with.

It takes courage to put up with public embarrassment. Once it is out in the open, people will eventually care less about your mistakes. So, if Getty Images hints at exposing you for your “crimes”, beat them to the punch as I did. I posted this incident on my blogs and explained how this all went down. So far, so good. I still have my friends and business. No one is running anywhere yet. Everyone agrees that the $1,300 settlement letter I got was insane and plain nuts.

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