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I think it will take a stake through the heart to keep these guys in their coffins at night. 

What account did they write the check from? 

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: ELI Financial Issues
« on: November 15, 2011, 08:49:44 PM »
Matt and Oscar -

A "thank you" and a suggestion for improved revenue for ELI.

First...  Thanks for your work in putting this site together and to Oscar for including his expertise.  I was one of the Riddick email recipients and found your site several months after getting his first outrageous email.  Wish I had found it sooner.  It was very comforting to read your information.  I had already hired an IP lawyer at that point and it cost me a couple thousand dollars in fees that I could have saved 90% of by using Oscar's response service.

According to some posts here the image company "letter program" is now 50% of the income for some of them, so your website is important now and will become even more important as time goes on and more of these image companies resort to these tactics to maintain their businesses.  

While Riddick seems to have crawled back under his rock for now, I still ENJOY reading your website and keeping up with the topic.  In fact, the Righthaven saga has been more entertaining than most Hollywood movies on the market today.   I'm sure it would not be "entertaining" if I had been on the receiving end of one of their lawsuits, but you have to admit that the smack-down they've received from the courts and from their intended victims has been great example of karma.  :-)  

Here's my suggestion...  

I forget to donate on a regular basis even though I read your site on a regular basis.  I just forget to click that donate button.  If you would make a Paypal SUBSCRIPTION button, as well as the regular donate button, I'd click that one and set up a regular contribution to your site.  Frankly, it's worth at least $5 a month to me just in ongoing educational value to read your forum, even though I am not currently in the cross-hairs of one of these companies.  

Another suggestion is that you would benefit by making the donate or subscribe buttons appear more frequently throughout your site.  I KNOW how much of a pain it would be to go back through your site and add the buttons to multiple places, but it would sure increase your cashflow.  

For example, if each article or at least each page had a place where people could click to donate or subscribe, along with an appeal such as... "Has this article been worthwhile to you?  If so, please donate to help defray the costs of providing it."   Etc.  I am sure you could word that in a way that works for you, but it's a good way to go.

Finally, I'd suggest you consider a true subscription site model.  People would pay to get into this site at the moment when they receive their letter.  Make a $50 signup fee and an ongoing fee of $5 a month to continue membership.  I think your cashflow problems would disappear.  By the way, I use the term "cashflow problem" loosely.  I'm sure you're not actually having cashflow problems, but you are probably looking at the time invested in keeping this site going vs the income from it and asking yourself why you would put in a lot of your time at 50-cents an hour that you could be using for your real business.  I get that.  Just using the term "cashflow problem" as a shorthand description of the situation.

Maybe, but since the above says "Christopher Riddick" it could be his son's address.  Not sure.  I got the address from court documents as one of the addresses where George was served.  The latest address for service is 319 MacMurdo St, Ashland, VA so that may have been George's address all along.  Then again, maybe not. 

I hope it WAS George's place though.  :-)   I'm guessing he put enough financial stress on a lot of people to put some of them into bankruptcy.  What goes around comes around.


According to her own profile, "Shay" has generated a 7 figure revenue for MF...


Hopefully the courts will grant that amount plus a few extra million on top of that amount to deter the other copyright trolls. Still, even if Bernina only gets the $146,727.53 it should be enough to get Riddick to stop his harassing activities. 

"In this case, Defendants have also threatened, accused, harassed, and bullied at least hundreds of other individuals and entities based on these false claims—most of whom lacked the resources and capabilities to question or challenge Defendants. Defendants’ abuse of the copyright system should be deterred by this Court. Deterrence is an additional factor district courts should consider in deciding whether to award fees under the Copyright Act."

Meanwhile, is Riddick's home in Virginia up for sale?

Maybe Riddick will move to Florida where the homestead exemption laws will protect his house?  Or move in with mom?


The 6/1/2011 filing is "Not electronically available".  Some from Feb 2011 and some from Sept 2010 were also not electronically available.  Any idea why that would be?



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