Getty Images Hires College Interns for License Compliance Group

Originally Discovered & Written About in 2009

For months, I have suspected that line members of the Getty Images License Compliance Group skewed young and were individuals who were not “streetwise” or “courtwise” legal professionals. It did not take me long to figure out by their written responses that the line workers preach the corporate line and have little insights of what actually can happen in an actual court of law with real people and real judges. It doesn’t matter what you say to defend yourself, they have a textbook response. I also surmise most have never been actively involved as principals in any court case of any significance.

I discovered a work study job description document on the University of Washington website that outlines Getty Images actively seeks legal interns to work in the License Compliance Group at a pay rate of $15.00/hour reporting to Lisa Willmer. When you view this document, please note what has been highlighted.

Look at the qualifications they are asking for. They want someone in law school who is a quick learner, a good writer, and a positive attitude. These Getty Images legal interns do not know what they are getting themselves into by becoming line employees entering the fight. I will not get into specifics but the things I have found in MySpace and Facebook does not bode well for many on their team.

For $15.00/hour, these Getty Images legal interns have the opportunity to join the rest of us in this negative and unpleasant controversy and have their personal names preserved in the Google and Yahoo search engines. If these interns have any smarts, they will have researched what Getty Images is all about BEFORE they get hired.

It will not surprise me if the turnover rate in the Getty Images License Compliance Group accelerates over time. I have gotten indications that some members of the team do not like the exposure this website is bringing to them. I think some of them know that for $15.00/hour, it is not worth some of the unintended grief being brought to them.

Can you imagine being a young, 20-something Getty Images legal intern and receiving the scorn of so many in the Internet community? I personally would not want that all that grief for $15.00/hour.

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