Hawaiian Art Network Ownership “Mystery” Solved

One “mystery” appears to have been solved to my satisfaction.  I believe Hawaiian Art Network LLC is solely owned by Glen Carner. I believe this because the Hawaii Business Registration reveals it to be a single-member LLC which essentially means a single-owner. How much business or revenue he does, I cannot say.


I believe HAN is a small, privately-held company with relatively few employees (less than 5 employees). Because of the relatively few employees, I believe Glen has created a “virtual” company using the Internet, joint ventures, partnering, vendors, and independent contractors. I know something of creating a virtual organization because I have done so myself.  It would explain HAN’s ongoing “dependency” on outside lawyers that have come in and out of ELI’s field of reporting.

And since we are on the subject of using outside lawyers, I believe the lawyers Glen hires are contingency lawyers that work approximately on a 60/40 basis. 60% goes to HAN, 40% goes to the lawyer. I make this estimation because I have dealt with other lawyers who do collections work for similar splits that vary from 70/30, 65/35, or 60/40 splits.

Regarding the recent HAN lawsuits, I am guessing that Glen had to front the court filing fees but Lawyer J. Street might split any settlement that comes from the lawsuit filing. Of course, the purpose is to try to “force” a settlement as a sustained fight in the courts would not make it worthwhile for a collections lawyer.  I base this scenario on my own experiences with law firms that did collections.  They would not front the court filing fees but would put their staff’s time to prepare the paperwork.

At the end of the day, as far as I am concerned, any actions or decisions HAN makes boils down to Glen Carner.  Up to now, we have referred to actions taken by HAN as one decided by a faceless entity. The reality is all corporate entities are managed by people. He is ultimately accountable and he knows a lot of the issues we discuss here on ELI. In fact, since he is “the man”, he reads nearly everything we post and monitors ELI as much as we monitor him and his cohorts.

As far as I am concerned, HAN being associated with the whole free wallpaper baiting issue is a disgrace to his actions as a business person.  It is my guess that Glen knows about it but I do not feel he is directly responsible for it. He just turns a blind eye to it. I believe the wallpaper seeding that we have seen rests on Vincent Tylor.

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