Spammer Offer to Sell ELI Website

It is amazing to me how spammers think they will get business by spamming people.  If I am smart enough to build a website valuable enough to sell, do they honestly think I would be stupid enough to reply to a spammed ad message?

However, we wouldn’t want their efforts to be wasted. Call “April Pillow” and she will hook you up with Latona’s.  Is that even her real name?  What an idiot.

Apparently, ignoring their first email wasn’t enough. They had to send me Email #2 entitled:

Try #2 –  — Have you considered selling??

It is time to “reward” her for her efforts for her spammy business.


Are you looking to cash out of your website property ??

As website brokers with no up-front costs, we use outreach efforts such as this to pinpoint websites that fit buyer interest and criteria, while also connecting with sellers who are ready to sell. (We communicate with over 16,000 Buyers and activists on a regular basis)

Our company has been an innovator and leader in the industry for over 15 years. We have the experience, systems and industry relationships to help both sellers and buyers of website properties. That is what we do……. with much success.

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April Pillow
Latona’s – We Sell Money Making Web Properties

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2870 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 420, Atlanta, Georgia, 30305, United States

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