Steele-Hansmeier Settlement Demand Letters

We have traditionally not gone outside the realm of stock photo extortion letters with the except of the newspaper-oriented Righthaven lawsuits. But in recent months, there have been more discussions about how adult video companies are using extortion letter techniques and going after peer-to-peer users and alleging digital piracy of adult videos.

MSBNC has picked up the story of the ongoing battle by adult video copyright trolls against peer-to-peer network users.

These stories has revealed copies of the Steele-Hansmeier Settlement Demand Letter, similar in many respects to those used in the stock photo industry. Two examples can be found here:

What is interesting is that it includes settlement agreement attachment not normally done by the stock photo industry.

As always, our friends and allies at the Electronic Frontier Foundation is at the forefront fighting this.

We would also like to do a shout-out to our brother-in-arms for their ongoing efforts on this front.

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