SuperStock Settlement Demand Letter Posted

We have yet another stock photo extortion letter to share.  Someone submitted to us a copy of the SuperStock Extortion Letter.  SuperStock is based in Jacksonville, FL.

$2200 for a single image. It is similar to the pricing of a Masterfile claim. The SuperStock extortion letter is signed by Chris Taylor, General Counsel for RGB Ventures LLC.  RGB Ventures LLC appears to have been formed on January 16, 2009. The partners in the RGB Ventures LLC are:

  • ZIERING, LANNY (Top dog & registered agent)
  • GIRALDO, ALBA (Type in RGB Ventures)

SuperStock is a fictitious name filed on February 14, 2009 and used by RGB Ventures LLC.

And if the SuperStock Extortion Letter isn’t effective enough to collect payment, it gets escalated to Attorney Rob T. Cook from St. Augustine, Florida.

As you can see, Attorney Rob T. Cook’s Extortion Letter is very short and basic. I have been informed by BuddhaPi that he has quite a bit of information he wants to share regarding this “new” lawyer, Rob T. Cook.


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