Teri S. Says George Riddick Wants Her to Be Involved in Settlements

Teri speaks with authority as to Mr. Riddick’s intent and actions. For a passive supporter, she appears quite active and assertive here.


Subject: Re: Infringement Claim
Date:Fri, 30 Jan 2009 09:56:38 -0500
From: Teri SXXXXXX <teri@XXXXXXXXX.com>
Reply-To: teri@XXXXXXX.com


Mr. Riddick typically sends the image of the design in question when he sends the cease & desist, which you will likely get today.  Once you get that, unless you choose to counter file your own claim to it, then you would be best advised to remove the design from anywhere that it might be displayed/distributed as soon as possible and then reply to him with an email telling him you’ve done that.  He will then want me to work with you on a workable settlement.  I will tell you up front that just removing the design will not be enough.  They either sue or settle on each and every infringement they find.  They’ve been doing this for years and are like a well-oiled machine in that regard.  Also, time will be of the essence in this, as they are turning over as many cases as they can next week to the attorneys for litigation and you sure don’t want to end up in that group, I don’t think, especially for one design.

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