Cobra Collection Agency Scam: Janice & Michael Ledden

Cobra Collections Agency operated as a corporation but every company is managed and operated by people. With smaller companies, decision-making and responsibility comes down to the owner and president of the company. It is in that spirit that I believe everyone should understand the background of Janice Ledden.


Assessment of Janice Ledden (Updated: 6/9/07)

Cobra Collections was owned and managed by Janice B. Ledden. However, I first became a business of client of Janice sometime in 2003. She worked at Credit Adjustment Bureau as the General Manager. I was introduced to her by Felton Elliott (who turned out to be one of our deadbeat tenants) who also had a business himself. I found Janice to be smart, competent, convincing, credible, and a go-getter. I thought she was a capable business woman. It would obviously be sometime later (over the course of the next 3 years) that I would gradually change my opinion of her.

After a series of phone calls, emails, and written letters with minimal and unsatisfactory responses. I finally issued my Cease & Desist Order to Cobra Collections and Janice Ledden in December 2006.

Janice Ledden is a very smart, crafty woman when it comes to collections and the local laws. She can be very charming, disarming, and convincing when she needs to be and projects an air of confidence that is attractive to her clients. She understands how deadbeat debtors operate and our legal system well. I would venture to say that she is smarter and craftier than many attorneys in the local area. Under normal circumstances, this would be an asset. Unfortunately, she has engaged in some very unethical, questionable, and even borderline criminal behavior. This has put many of her now ex-clients in a very uncomfortable and undesirable situation.

All of this makes Janice a very formidable legal opponent. You must have your facts and details straight or it will be used against you. She always has a “reasonable” explanation and rationale for what she does or does not do. She knows how to use the inherent goodness within most people to her advantage. This often comes in the form of giving “more time” or “second chances”. She produces new excuses all the time.

To clarify, I do not have a large “axe to grind” with her in the traditional sense. My financial losses are minimal compared to my friends in the business community. But I do think my business reputation has been tarnished by my association with her. Like many others, I have been jerked around and been given the run-around by her. She cannot be honest or forthcoming. I am disturbed by her actions and the scam she seems to be pulling on so many decent people and legitimate businesses. It became clear to me many people were being victimized and that I was only one of many.

I have always found it interesting that she would select a Cobra to represent her business. Is there any symbolism here?


Janice B. Ledden is married to Michael R. Ledden. Michael has, at times, participated in the management and operations of the company. He was listed as the CFO in the Annual Filing.

The photo of Michael R. Ledden was taken in May 2005 during happier times.

You may want to view Janice’s most current job resume.




Janice’s True Identity Revealed? (Updated: 2/11/09)

Janice Ledden = Janice Marie Bradshaw Collins Ligon Bass Ledden

We currently know Janice as Janice Ledden. However, Janice has been married 3 times that I know of. Normally, I would not get into the marriage issue as it starts getting a bit personal. However, it is relevant in this case. Any research made must take into account Janice’s prior surnames.

In researching the Federal Bankruptcy records (based on leads provided by Jerry Bolt), Janice Marie Bass filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 9/19/2001, Case #01-42351. It clearly states her current name and prior aliases. Janice Marie Collins, Janice Marie Bradshaw, Janice Marie Ligon, and Janice Marie Bass.

John Golden knew Janice’s father, Henry Bradshaw. Henry Bradshaw later divorced Janice’s mother. That would put Janice’s maiden name as Bradshaw. A reliable source (who wants to remain anonymous) says that she was married to Wayne Collins, the natural father to Janice’s 3 adult children. This appears to be accurate but has not yet been fully verified.

Therefore, I now believe Janice’s complete name is: Janice Marie Bradshaw Collins Ligon Bass Ledden. As such, her middle initial can be “M”, “C”, “B”, or “L”. From what I can tell, she has used different variations of the middle initial depending on who her husband was at the time. Known names of prior husbands appear to be Joseph Paul Ligon, Michael Bass, and Michael Ledden.

Janice’s birth date is October 7, 1961. I believe I have figured out Janice’s Social Security Number based on the combined information of multiple reports. However, I will not reveal it here on this website for now. I will turn it over to the proper authorities if they need it.


Ex-Husband’s Fiance Posts Comment on RipOffReport (Updated: 1/21/11)

I discovered a report about Janice posted on RipOffReport back on Aug 18, 2010 from whom it appears to be Joseph “Paul” Ligon’s fiance. No name is given of the fiance’s name. As I read her story, the story feels quite credible and the behavior described is consistent with I know of Janice’s history and her family members.

I have posted an excerpt of the finance’s posting here:

Janice Ledden now resides in Alaska, is remarried and the person she married has children.  Now I am getting and giving this information from a personal stand point.  I am now living the nightmare she created for her own children and her husband at the time, Paul Ligon.  Why am I having to deal with her scheming ways?  I have fallen in love with her ex-husband and we are now engaged.  I am her to testify to the fact that Joseph Paul Ligon and Janice’s children NEVER had anything to do with her stealing from so o many innocent hard working people.  Her children have married and moved away from Columbus, GA because they cannot live in their own hometown due to their mother’s actions.  They are embarrassed and that is a terrible thing for ANY mother to do to their children.

Joseph Ligon(aka Paul) is now my fiance’ and for the first three years of our relationship I have had to see him live a nightmare due to Janice Ledden’s selfish evil ways.  Paul has been paying back the Federal and State Government for over 8 years now.  WHY?  Because his name came first on the tax returns and he has always held down a job! Unlike the above named who runs all over the country so the Government won’t spend the resources to make her pay her debts.  We even had to pay off her half of the tax agreement in their divorce from 8 years ago, WITH INTEREST just so that we could purchase a home of our own.

If you are wondering why I am sharing this with you it is simply to testify on behalf of this woman’s biological children and my fiance’.  I have had to pay out of my pocket as well for something an evil person did years before I ever came along all in the name of love.

You can read the rest of it on RipOffReport.

Ex-Coworker Posts Comment on RipOffReport (Updated: 1/21/11)

It appears an ex-cowoker posted an update on Janice’s status on November 13, 2010 on RipOffReport.

An excerpt of the ex-coworker’s posting is here:

Janice does not work for any attorneys in Fairbanks. It is my understanding that she stole THOUSANDS of dollars out of the paychecks of the employees and her “collections” for the last firm…he eventually retired and she lost her job.

Her children didn’t move away to get out of the city in Georgia – they moved because they both married military. They are closer than ever to their mother. Janice is crazy. She is always popping pills and every other day, something else is wrong with her. When documents started to come up missing or the accounts couldn’t be balanced, she broke a leg, or came down with cancer. She even faked a “stroke” in the office – wigging out and playing stupid.

You can read the rest of it on RipOffReport.


Are the Ledden’s Harassing Others? (Updated: 6/12/09)

I am hearing rumblings about the Ledden’s alleged harassment and threats to some of their ex-staff members. This disturbs me greatly. However, what can they harass them about? For telling people the truth of their prior business activities in Columbus GA and that Janice was a felon and an ex-convict? Or that Michael is willing participant and partner of Janice? Well, no one can get into any trouble for telling the truth! No one signed any confidentiality agreements to keep this website and the information herein a secret. It is publicly available and most of this information can be substantiated through documentation, TV news stories, police reports, witnesses, and first-hand testimony. I have little details at this point but I am sure I will eventually hear more if this harassment issue escalates.


The Ledden’s Infiltration Tactics Comes to Light (Updated: 6/11/09)

One of the biggest surprises that was brought to my attention last year was Janice’s amazing ability to so thoroughly and deeply infiltrate the inside operations of a law firm. It was already bad enough that the employers at the law firm did not conduct a background check and verify her references. But she gained access to highly-sensitive client, billing, personnel, payroll, and bookkeeping files and information! In the office, she managed to convince her superiors to install a security video camera within the office to monitor activity. Apparently, Janice liked to know what was going on and monitor who came in and went out of the office.

In collaboration with Michael, who apparently has some technical skills with computers, they convinced her superiors to install a backup server in the Ledden’s home presumably under the guise of protecting the company’s data. My thinking is, why not install this server at one of the attorney’s homes instead? After all, they own the company and if anyone “owns” the data, it would be them. Nevertheless, Janice and Michael set up this backup company server within their home and it was there for an extended period of time (at least a year). It was only after Lynn Levengood and his Former Business Partner (FBP) separated that arrangements were made to go into the Ledden’s home to retrieve this backup server. (If anyone has the street address of the Ledden’s current home, please feel free to contact me. I am quite certain there are many people who would like to correspond directly with Janice & Michael personally.)

Part of Janice’s early strategy was to sabotage and oust the law firm’s previous bookkeeper by concocting a story that the bookkeeper was allegedly embezzling the company for $30,000. Apparently, there was a lot of missing or sabotaged paperwork which made it look like the bookkeeper had become sloppy in the quality of her work or she was becoming careless with the work. The stress of the situation caused the bookkeeper to leave the law firm which allowed Janice to slip into that very important and central position.

Keep in mind that most people don’t go out of their way seeking MORE work and responsibility. And when Janice decided to take on more, it was inevitable the unknowing employers would be impressed by her “initiative” and hand the reins over to her. After she took over many of the crucial bookkeeping, billing, and payroll responsbilities, there was little talk of the alleged embezzled money.

Keep in mind that Janice now has accomplices that work with her. She could not have done all this alone. Janice’s most important ally was Levengood. Levengood was the senior attorney who casually dismissed this website as part of the “90% of the stuff on the Internet are lies”. I can personally attest that Janice has the charm and intelligence to say the right things to win over people in authority positions. With Levengood in her corner, Janice was effectively “protected” from ever being fired despite complaints and concerns by FBP and his staff.

Michael, the ever-supportive husband (I used to think he was gullible but now I think he is a fully-willing accomplice), provided the technical computer support to Janice to facilitate her creative schemes. He was given a considerable amount of access to work on the office computers. However, I believe his access diminished over time as the information on this website spread throughout the office.

Because of this known symbiotic, working relationship with Michael, Janice would occasionally “remind” the staff that she had the ability of tracking anything anyone typed from her home. She gave the impression that they had installed tracking software that would feed information to the backup server at their home. It is theoretically possible but it would require a high degree of technical knowledge and specialized software to pull that off. (I am qualified to speak on this because in a prior life, I was a database programmer and also had many technical certifications in computer networking, operating systems, and servers. I manage my office systems and my websites today.) Personally, I think Janice bluffed and instilled FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) into the office staff.

Adding to the trio of Janice, Michael, and Levengood, there is the matter of this naive receptionist who has taken to Janice as a surrogate mother figure. She is the lookout for Janice in the office and covers for her. The receptionist has known about this website for a long time but continues to disregard the information and the warnings herein. (Ms. Receptionist, you think you are doing good but you are only hurting your own reputation. Don’t ever say no one wanted tried to warn you about the Leddens. I am going to find out your name one day soon. I know the names of many of Janice’s relatives and ex-employees but I have respectfully left their names out of this so I will likely do the same for you unless someone finds out you are engaging in criminal activity. If you ever have a change of heart, you can contact me.)

We now have the quartet of Janice, Michael, Levengood, and the receptionist all working together. The Fairbanks’ Fabulous Foursome (FFF). They are slowly becoming the business pariahs of Fairbanks. Let anyone who does business or interacts with them beware.

At this point, Levengood’s office where Janice & the receptionist works from is located in a different part of the same office building as FBP’s office. I am guessing it is quite unpleasant for the FBP staff to run into Levengood’s staff in the hallways.

I believe FBP’s team has since cleaned up the mess from Janice’s infiltration reign into the prior joint law firm but the vicinity to Levengood’s office still makes for a tense and unhappy situation.

Janice Ledden Works for Fairbanks Attorney Lynn Levengood (Updated: 6/9/09)

As promised, I am providing my first update. I have decided to do this in smaller chunks because of my personal distaste in writing about this subject. I can only take doing this a little bit at a time.

An ex-employee of the Fairbanks law firm has finally given me permission to report what I had known and, in fact, corroborated what others had told me previously. She has also provided me some surprising new information.

First, I can report that Janice Ledden is now working exclusively for Attorney Lynn E. Levengood in Fairbanks, Alaska. Janice is working in multiple capacities as Office Manager, Billing Clerk, and Collections Agent for Mr. Levengood.

Levengood and his Former Business Partner (FBP) have long known about this website after their mutual employees brought this website to their attention to it in 2008. However, Levengood believed that “90% of the stuff on the Internet are lies” including this website. Janice, the charming, consummate story-teller that she is has played this delusional notion up with Levengood. The “90% Internet lies theory” is only true if you are perusing the dark and sleazy corners of the Internet. Levengood is either oblivious or stupid if he can dismiss all the information, reports, and testimony on this website.

From my understanding, the ongoing support of Janice was a sensitive point between Levengood and FBP. FBP was very concerned and upset about having Janice within their law firm but Levengood wanted to keep Janice aboard. Ultimately, things came to a head in Spring 2009 which lead to the business separation of Levengood and FBP. My speculation is that the “Janice Factor” played a large part in the separation which I believe is ultimately for the good of FBP and will eventually lead to the reputational downfall of Levengood.

FBP made an early mistake by working with Janice but from what I now know, he will be forgiven for any errors in judgment he made and his damaged reputation will recover now that a business cancer in his midst has since been ejected from his team.

In any case, Levengood is now on his own and wants to be semi-retired. He wants to make money without having to work too hard. He can do this by having Janice become the primary revenue generator through her “creative” billing and collection activities. Turning a blind eye to Janice’s “creative” business activities appears to be the M.O. here. My informants tell me that Janice has manipulated her receptionist friend into being an obedient and loyal accomplice. The speculation is that Janice continues to be a mother figure to this receptionist. So, the receptionist continues on ignorantly despite friendly warnings given to her about working and associating with Janice.

Janice operates today running a very tight ship where she insists on having all information come through her. She will say or do what is necessary to ensure that she remains in good graces with Levengood. I understand she keeps all clients and complaints away from Levengood. Essentially, she treats him like a mushroom, “keeping him in the dark and feeding him *bleep*.”

Basically, Janice has two people wrapped around her finger who are stupid or in plain denial. Either way, enough time has passed where I can say that they deserve what is coming to them when their personal and business reputation blows up in Fairbanks. As small as I think Columbus GA is, Fairbanks is even smaller.

Complaints by previous clients are a regular, if not daily, occurrence as Janice continues her rampage of allegedly unauthorized account charges and creative billing activities. I am certain that she entirely ignores the rules set by the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act. It happened here in Columbus GA and it is most certainly happening in Fairbanks.

This is my stopping point of this update. I will provide another update in another week or so. There are more interesting details to come.


Michael Ledden Discovered Working for “West Valley Vision Center” in Fairbanks Alaska (Updated: 4/4/09)

A Google Search of “Michael Ledden in Fairbanks Alaska” reveals that Michael now works for “West Valley Vision Center Inc.” According to the Alaska Secretary of State website, Dr. Barbara Keys is the President of West Valley Vision Center Inc. Her company website says she is the Owner and Optometrist for the firm. I am guessing Dr. Keys does not know that one of her employees is married to an ex-con and himself involved with a business scandal in Columbus Georgia.

Again, we seem to have a case of another innocent Alaskan employer who has not run a background or reference check.

According to his bio on the website, Michael is an Apprenticing Optician and Optical Technician. How amazingly stupid is Michael for continuing to stay married to a criminal on the run. Once again, I give credit to Janice’s intelligence and charismatic personality for being able to hold on to her 4th husband so successfully.

Note: As of March 31, 2009, it appears that Michael’s bio has been removed from the West Valley Vision Center website. His bio may have been removed days or even weeks earlier. This either means that Michael is no longer with that company or that the company was too embarrassed to leave Michael’s bio up knowing he (along with his wife, Janice) have a checkered background. My guess is that he is no longer with the company. Either way, Dr. Barbara Keys and her staff have taken measures that will ensure their reputation stays clean. After all, what doctor wants to have someone onstaff that was involved with a business community scandal?

Second Fairbanks Citizen Comes Forward on the Activities of Janice and Michael Ledden (Updated: 2/9/09)

Since last night’s update, a second concerned Fairbanks citizen stepped forward to report what they knew about Janice and Michael Ledden. It appears that word is getting out on Janice Ledden’s checkered past. There is some new information which I will report but most of the information I received corroborated the information from the first Fairbanks citizen. It appears that the second Fairbanks citizen found about Janice’s true past from this website since Summer 2008. The second Fairbanks citizen wishes to remain anonymous and I will honor that request.

I have been aggressively trying to find out how much the employers of Janice Ledden know about her criminal past. Although I cannot yet confirm this, I have reason to believe that the employers now know about Janice’s past but have chosen not to do anything about it. It is incomprehensible to me how Janice has managed to hold on to her job this long. I am quite amazed. It goes to show either how smart Janice is or how gullible her employers are.

It appears that a new Collections Department was formed for this Fairbanks law firm after Janice was employed and that she appears to be reasonably successful in her collections efforts. Further, it now appears that several Fairbanks businesses are now utilizing her collection services.

It appears that Janice and Michael are still driving their pale green Ford Escape which now has an Alaska Auto Tag of #EWF 994.

2009 Update! Janice Discovered Working for Small Fairbanks Alaska Law Firm (Updated: 2/7/09)

It has been over a year since there has been any substantial update on the whereabouts of Janice and Michael Leden. We already knew that Janice and Michael settled into their new lives in Fairbanks Alaska when they fled Columbus, GA. Beyond that, very little was known until I received an email and phone call tonight from a very concerned Fairbanks Alaska citizen. The person that contacted me currently wishes to remain anonymous and I will honor that request.

Janice currently works for a small law firm as an Office Manager for a small law firm (which I have been asked to not publicly name or identify) in Fairbanks Alaska. Janice goes by “Jan Ledden” in Fairbanks Alaska. It is unclear what “Jan’s” current responsibilities are but I was told that during her employment, she did payroll, billing, managed personnel files, and oversaw the collections department. Essentially, “Jan” is back in the position of handling sensitive personal, company, and financial information.

I was told she has been in this position for around 1.5 years. This loosely coincides with her departure from Columbus, GA and arrival into the Fairbanks Alaska area. Janice being the intelligent, charming, charismatic woman that she can be obviously managed to talk some unknowing employer into hiring her. It appears that this employer did not do much of a background or reference check otherwise they would have discovered Janice’s checkered past and not hire her.

It is unclear (at this time) whether the employer knows about Janice’s past. However, this employer and law firm stands to be potentially liable for any of Janice’s actions if they continue employing her if they know about her criminal past. This employer and law firm should take measures to protect the firm’s employees and clients by terminating Janice’s employment.

It is also unclear exactly how many of Janice’s co-workers know about her checkered past although it seems likely some have found and read this website and now know the truth about her. I feel sorry for the co-workers that have to endure Janice’s presence not knowing when a bomb will drop causing havoc for them and their employer.

I have been informed that Janice continues to visit the local Army base to receive medical care (using Michael Ledden’s military medical benefits).

I have been told that Michael Ledden is currently working at an eyeclass clinic and he has also been an occasional computer technician for this law firm. It would not surprise me if Janice has secretly asked Michael to backup confidential company files so that if she gets caught and gets fired, she can use those files and set up shop elsewhere. If she backs up that law firm’s collections files, I have no doubt she will continue collecting on those files even if her employment was terminated. That is exactly what happened in Columbus, GA and that is what will happen in Fairbanks Alaska.

Because it appears Janice has managed to entrench herself with this law firm, her access to sensitive personnel and client files, established a collections department, and consequently interacted with many business clients, it would not surprise me if a scandal breaks out in the business community sometime in the near future.

Janice the Gypsy (Updated: 6/27/07)

Based on my research, it appears Janice has moved around quite a bit over the years. Of course, that in itself is not a crime in itself. However, we need to take all the information into consideration when viewing the larger picture. In addition to Columbus, she appears to have lived in other Georgia cities and towns including Manchester, Shiloh, and Talbotton. I am curious to know what she did as she moved from city to city and why she moved.

I know Janice can be a chameleon in personality and in surname. Part of me wonders if she had a gypsy-like existence prior to moving to Columbus, GA.

In Columbus, I was informed Janice worked for “Triple J Collections” prior to Credit Adjustment Bureau. “Triple J Collections” has since been bought out by “Professional Collection Service“. Prior to “Triple J”, Janice worked for a collection agency owned by Sue Peterson (now deceased) in Phenix City.

Janice is now on the run after shutting down their office and vacating her rental home. We believe she is now leaving the State of Georgia. We are currently looking into where she might end up.

Janice is an Ex-Con and Convicted Felon (Updated: 6/4/07)

Perhaps the most startling piece of information that has surfaced and reported to me is that Janice was an ex-con and convicted felon. I was careful to check the facts on this one by verifying the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) website myself.

It appears that Janice Ligon (GDC ID: 0000753726) was incarcerated from 7/20/1993 to 1/10/1995. It appears she was originally sentenced to 5 years for the major offense, “Theft by Taking”, Case #315714.

This appears to describe the person I know as Janice Ledden given that the physical description is a white female born in 1961, 5’1″, 165 lb, blue eyes, and brown hair. I am in the process in gathering more information regarding the circumstances surrounding this case.

During the time Janice was incarcerated, a reliable source says that Janice’s three children were cared for by John P. Ligon who appears to be married to Janice at the time.

Janice Bass Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (2001)

Based on information by Jerry Bolt, it led me to investigate the Federal Bankruptcy database. I found an abundance of information which included the many aliases used by Janice over th years.

Janice Marie Bass (Case #01-42351) filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on 9/19/2001. The case was fully discharged on 1/29/2002.

Janice B. Ligon Filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 3 Times (1992 to 1996)

Janice B. Ligon, along with husband Joseph Paul Ligon, filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy a total of three times from October 26, 1992 to February 14, 1996 (Cases: 92-41480, 94-53355, and 95-40399).

Janice Ligon’s Outstanding Income Tax Liens

Janice Ligon appears to have accumulated some income-related tax liens from Meriwether County and Harris County. It appears she owes over $8,400.00 combined to the Georgia Income Tax Division and the Internal Revenue Service. However, there is a possibility that was dismissed through her Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in 2002.

2007 Georgia State Tax Lien Discovered for Michael Ledden (Updated: 7/12/07)

A concerned citizen brought an outstanding 2007 Georgia State tax lien against Michael Ledden to my attention. This is a ridiculous lien for Michael to have since this tax lien is relatively small. However, since Michael is following in Janice’s footsteps, it is no surprise this would also be ignored and go unpaid. Special thanks to the concerned citizen for this piece of information.

Letters by Janice Ledden

If you have received any letters or correspondence related to Cobra Collections and would like to share them with others, please FAX them to 888.696.3441 and I will post them here.

* Read the December 20, 2006 letter I received. Notice how she is going to threaten to sue me for going public with information and how she stands by her “business reputation”? Wow, great reputation. The $200 check she sent me bounced back NSF. Well, if she ever comes out of hiding, she will learn how telling the truth is an absolute defense. And I got some friends who would be more than happy to testify.

* Nicole of Meacham, Earley, & Fowler forwarded this May 3, 2007 letter to me. Janice is very sly. After nearly a year of giving people the run-around, she announces that she “believes” she is a victim of embezzlement. I believe that people are catching up with her on a number of fronts and she is finally feeling the heat and pressure. She has the nerve to threaten bankruptcy if people try to sue her or press criminal charges. Regarding her six children, she is trying to get sympathy by including her two step-children. Her other children are adult and long living on their own. She is now asking for 90 more days. I really want to hear from someone that is getting any money whatsoever. If she can’t make good on my small $200 check, how will she owe others that go into thousands and tens of thousands of dollars? Her new mailing address is a P.O. Box? How convenient. I say to everyone, “Don’t be a sucker again” and believe her stories.


Jerry Bolt Opens His Files on Janice Ledden (Updated: 6/4/07)

Jerry Bolt, widowed husband of Sarah Miller Bolt (owner of defunct Credit Adjustment Bureau), has been in contact with me. He appears to have extensive first-hand information in many areas. He knew Janice personally and last saw her in 2005. He has been instrumental in providing some key information on this website. I thank him for his contributions and the large pieces of information and crucial leads he has provided.

Jerry’s research has led me to discover Janice’s true (and perhaps complete) identity and her extensive Bankruptcy filings.

Jerry issued a Warning Letter on November 1, 2005 to Whom It May Concern and received a reply on November 10, 2005 by the State of Georgia, Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs.

Janice & Michael are currently living (and hiding) in Fairbanks Alaska (Updated: 1/16/08)

It has been confirmed. I cannot reveal my source but as of December 22, 2007, I received reliable information that Janice & Michael Ledden and his children are in Fairbanks, Alaska.


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