Copyright Enforcement Group Settlement Demand Letter for AKM Images

We have received a copy of the Copyright Enforcement Group Settlement Demand Letter. They are working and representing an image company we have not come across before, AKM Images.

AKM Images is using Copyright Enforcement Group to send out extortion letters. Until recently, we have never heard of AKM Images (celebrity photos) or Copyright Enforcement Group.

AKM Images appear to specialize in celebrity photos. In our copy of the letter, we are dealing with several Lindsay Lohan photos.

I have to admit that this is slightly tamer the most demand letters I’ve seen. I also have not seen settlement prices as “low” as $500 per image. It’s still unreasonably high at $500 per image but compared to Getty, Masterfile, and HAN, it is much more palatable. I would guess that Copyright Enforcement Group will go a bit lower if motivated to do so.


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