Conrad & Scherer Settlement Demand Letter by Attorneys Jeffrey Kominsky & Ivan Kopas

We have received a copy of the Conrad & Scherer Settlement Demand Letter. Hawaiian Art Network has recruited a new law firm, Conrad & Scherer, to do their collection work. It looks to be yet another Vincent K. Tylor image infringement (no big surprise here).

$8,000 for 1 image. Standard price for a HAN extortion letter. We don’t get shocked over this unless it is over $10,000 per image.

Florida Attorneys Jeffrey L. Kominsky & Ivan Kopas of Conrad-Scherer law firm are the ones sending “extortion” letters on behalf of Hawaiian Art Network. I have never seen an “extortion letter” naming two attorneys in the signature line.

It should be interesting to watch how this big law firm operates vs. the small-time collection lawyers we have seen. There is a big list of lawyers here.  Many of them look like they are 35 or younger. You know what that means. Very little court experience, lots of office and clerical experience.

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