“Copyright Extortion” poem by Ron Tranmer

Here is another fun poem for ELI by our resident poet, Ron Tranmer. Ron appears to be taking up the ELI cause against copyright extortionists in his own inimitable way.


Copyright Extortion
Ron Tranmer

Most people in our world
are honorable and good.
Decent men and women
who’d help you if they could.

It’s our human nature
to be kind, and thoughtful too;
However some among us
are greedy through and through.

Copyright Extortionists
are they of whom I speak.
Use their copyrighted stuff
and you may be up shit creek.

They should protect their copyright
from those who knowingly steal,
but to sue a fan for personal use
or innocent sharing?…Get Real!

Let this be a warning
to good people everywhere.
If someone sends another’s work,
whatever you do…  DON’T SHARE!

Copyright Extortionists;
Beware of what you do.
Ever hear of ELI?
Big brother’s watching you.


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