WebProNews Video Mentions ELI Blog in Reality Steve Interview

Because the Reality Steve Lawsuit has come to a conclusion, there really is no need for me to comment and discuss it further here on ELI. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Steve Carbone, in his video interview with WebProNews, mentioned my role in giving him public support through my personal and the ELI blog. (You can find this mention of me and my blogging role about six minutes into the 15-minute video interview.)

Abby Johnson, the reporter of WebProNews, asked me very early on sometime in March if she could interview me. I declined the interview because I didn’t really think I should be part of the story. It was a small story at the time and I didn’t feel I had much to offer beyond what I wrote and shared on the ELI Blog

In any case, both Abby and Steve did their part in acknowledging my role which was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea this went down. The video uses screenshots of my personal website when it should have been the ELI website screenshots. Nevertheless, all the blog articles I wrote relating to the Reality Steve Lawsuit was “homed” here on ELI.

I have sent a thank you email to both Abby and Steve for the nice mentions.


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