ELI Telephone Interviews (2008-2010)

Telephone Interviews on the Getty Images Settlement Demand Letter Controversy

Do not assume what you know or what Getty Images says is correct until you have listened to these interviews. Do not take advice from amateur advice-givers who do not know copyright law, it’s application in a court of law, or have never set foot in a courtroom.

First update from July 2008 telephone interview (52-minutes)

2nd update from the October 14, 2008 telephone interview (39-minutes)

3rd update from the March 20, 2009 telephone interview (32-minutes)

What is Involved in Filing a Lawsuit? [March 20, 2009 (22-minutes)]
Many people are concerned with “being sued”. And yet, most people don’t really know what that really means. Most don’t understand what is involved regarding the time, costs, issues, challenges, or the process of a lawsuit.

In this audio, Matthew Chan interviews Oscar Michelen to describe and discuss what it truly means (and doesn’t mean) to file a lawsuit. Threatening to file a lawsuit vs. successfully filing, serving, preparing, winning, and collecting on a lawsuit are very different things.

4th update from the October 7, 2010 telephone interview (71-minutes)

Bernina vs. Riddick/Imageline Case from October 2010 (37-minutes)

For the very first time, Matthew Chan & Attorney Oscar Michelen dedicate an audio interview to the Riddick/Imageline controversy and more specifically provide commentary on the ongoing Bernina vs. Riddick/Imageline lawsuit.


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