Righthaven Lawsuits Controversy

The Righthaven Lawsuits Controversy was first brought to our attention by a discussion forum participant. Having read many articles concerning the Righthaven Lawsuit Controversy, we have found many parallels between the copyright trolling activities of Righthaven LLC and Getty Images, Masterfile, and the rest of the stock photo industry.

Righthaven currently focuses on infringed newspaper articles and photos owned by Stephens Media, a newspaper conglomerate. Currently, Steve Gibson (photo) is the CEO of Righthaven LLC.

Righthaven has been covered extensively by Wired magazine and the Las Vegas Sun newspaper. Righthaven has attracted the attention and ire of Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit organization focused on digital rights advocacy. In fact, EFF has popularized the term “copyright trolling” relating it to Righthaven’s outrageous copyright infringment enforcement activities.

Unlike Getty Images, Masterfile, and most of the stock photo industry, Righthaven prefers to directly file suit against alleged infringers with no Cease & Desist Warning Letter or even a Settlement Demand Letter.

Although the Righthaven Lawsuits Controversy only began in 2010, the pace of ongoing news and articles by various news reporters has been rapid. Steve Green of the Las Vegas Sun newspaper has been the most prolific writer and reporter covering Righthaven. The number of newspaper articles Steve has written on Righthaven has been extensive.

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