FunnyJunk Attorney Charles Carreon is a Tool & Extortion Lawyer

This blog post originally started as a small mention on Linda’s Lyrics/Dash Poem Extortion Forum. On that day, the accompanying link was hit so hard with all the press coverage that I couldn’t view it and so I didn’t find out what this was about until the next day. I have since started a new forum thread focused entirely focused on Charles Carreon so others can jump in and post commentaries.

Essentially, the story recap is that website hired Charles Carreon (whom I will call Chuck going forward) to send cartoonist/humorist Matthew Inman of an extortion letter asking for $20,000 out of the gates for posting defamatory comments.

Inman was rightfully surprised and outraged by this $20K extortion letter. He did something that even ELI has never done to fight back an extortionate lawyer.  He posted this extortion letter, dissected his letter in openly in humorous graphical format, and set up a$20,000 charity fund.

Since then, the charity fund has blasted way past $100K within 4 days and has lit part of the Internet on fire because of Chuck’s actions.  And as if that wasn’t enough, Chuck tried to get the charity fund taken down! This was NOT a legal defense fund. It was a charity fund intended to get some publicity to his case. And it worked!

Last but not least, even after all this coverage, Chuck still vows to find some law to come after Inman!  He wants payback and revenge despite the fact that his client FunkyJunk seems to have backed off.

Chuck is a real tool and obviously an extortion lawyer which we cover extensively on ELI. Chuck tells MSNBC this has never happened to him before and he is dumb-founded over this. That means he is used to extorting others and getting away with it. There are so many articles on Chuck it’s unbelievable. Just do a search on “funkyjunk lawyer” or “Charles Carreon”.

I “promoted” this thread to the main ELI blog for a few reasons:

1. It will be great fun following this story and making fun of Charles Carreon.
2. Help spread coverage of this story further on the Internet through our own SEO talents.
3. Tap into the ELI Community’s talents of beating back extortion lawyers.
4. Publicly support Matthew Inman, a person who truly deserves ELI support, unlike a certain reality entertainment blogger who I wasted my time on.

I am loosening up the reigns on the humor that I typically ask people to restrain themselves on. It is still NOT a free-for-all but Chuck really deserves what’s coming to him.

Let me fire off some opening shots.

1. Charles Herman Carreon is not a model lawyer. He has a history of state bar infractions and suspensions.

2. Take a look at Charles Hernan Carreon’s California State Bar record. This is the longest state bar record of any attorney I have ever looked up. It makes the collection lawyers ELI typically goes after look look like saints.

3. I have posted Charles H. Carreon’s California State Bar Suspension documents.

4. Chuck’s Oregon State Bar record says he is inactive.

5. Chuck’s bio and contact info can be found here. He has gone into hiding with his contact info. We want to make sure people can send him mail if they want to.

I will add more bullet items when I find them.


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