“A Toast to ELI” by Ron Tranmer

Ron Tranmer, a poet from Salt Lake City, bestowed a very special gift to ELI…. a poem.

Oscar Michelen and I have received many “thank you’s” over the years for our work on ELI. But we have never had a poem written and dedicated to us.

It is with humility and appreciation that we accept Ron’s special gift to ELI. Thank you so much, Ron, for making our day.


A Toast

Ron Tranmer


 This is a little poem

about a very special man

who fights copyright extortion.

His name is Matthew Chan.


He’s the publisher and editor

of the website ELI,

and works with Oscar Michelen,

another real great guy.


These two men are busy,

in their efforts to assist

the victims, and the prey,

of the extortionist.


Matthew, Oscar, take a bow.

Maybe even two,

as we raise our glasses high

and say, “Thanks, for all you do!”



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