Short-version, Sanitized Timothy B. McCormack Settlement Demand Letter

It appears that after months of scathing ELI write-ups, ELI coverage, 6 State Bar complaints, 2 Attorney General complaints, and him crying to Getty Images Corporate Counsel complaining about ELI sharing information with you how to inexpensively give him a “black eye” where it counts, Attorney Timothy B. McCormack has apparently changed his extortion letter ways.

Take a look at the brand-new, short-version, sanitized McCormack Settlement Demand Letter! Ta-dahhh.  Everyone can give applause. ELI works magic.

To the skeptics who believes change can only be forced by going through using attorneys and the court system, ELI has proved otherwise by scoring another victory.

None of the collection attorneys willingly change their extortion letters without a good reason. ELI and the ELI Community is one of those reasons.


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