Meltzer-Grant Initial Contact Letter & Settlement Offer Letter

I have a two-part post on letters by the Meltzer-Grant law firm by Attorneys John E. Grant III and Eric S. Meltzer.

John E. Grant III was last associated with IMUA Legal Advisors and attempted to have our copy of his old extortion letter taken down with a DMCA complaint letter. ELI fought back with a DMCA counter-notification letter. We won that little dispute because they chose not to contest it.

The IMUA Legal Advisors Settlement Demand Letter remains available for comparison.

1. The Meltzer-Grant Initial Contact Letter on behalf of Corbis. I was told that Corbis did NOT issue their own extortion letter with this case. I am not sure I believe this but that is all I have right now. This initial contact letter is quite simple and short with no demand except to establish communication. An interesting approach which “eases” into the conversation without necessarily giving the letter recipient a heart attack.

2. The follow-up letter is the Meltzer-Grant Settlement Offer Letter. I call it a Settlement Offer Letter instead of a Settlement Demand Letter because it is fairly gentle in its approach. Again, no big speeches, no misquoted $150,000 damages nonsense. Very straight-forward without a lot of bluster.

This is the document associated with this thread where they ask $18,000 for 4 images.

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