George Riddick of Imageline Attacks “Grandmother with Medical Problems”



Sent: XXXday, XXXXuary 30, 2009 3:03 PM
To: George Riddick
Subject: RE: identified infringements

George, I want you to know I am an unemployed grandmother with medical problems. I created my embroidery designs as a hobby. It was not a business by any standard.  I simply hoped to be able to cover some of my sewing expenses and make pretty designs for others with like interests to enjoy. I am willing to give you ALL of the funds received from your claimed image= $255.00. This is an honest and sincere attempt to make things right.

Your proposed settlement is a “win win” for you alone, not for those of us who used to have a nice hobby. I could never, under any circumstances, work for or assist you and I don’t have the money to move to China.


I am sorry you feel that way, XXXXXX. I, for one, totally disagree with you.
Your “hobby” has hurt more people than it has helped in my humble opinion.
First of all it was illegal, at least where Imageline designs are concerned.

XXXXXXXX, you used stolen artwork that artists here in Virginia spent many, many years creating from scratch and marketing. You should have designed your own artwork or at least paid for what you used at that time. That is exactly what you should have done.

We did reach an agreement with someone in a similar position as you recently and agreed to trade embroidery designs for the damages she has created to Imageline because she preferred not to provide services for us as well.

The choice is yours, I am a grandfather, and I have enjoyed over 350 talented artists over the years. I wish you could have seen some of their faces when we had to lay them off because of the exact same kind of digital piracy we have found on your web site and on other web sites in the embroidery industry.

If I remember correctly, you are able to get out of this difficult situation with an up front payment of either $750 or $1,500 depending on the number of images you have infringed.

From there, we can take design trades and let you go your own way.
Otherwise we have rules to follow here that are fair to everyone, and we will turn this case over to the law firms for implementation along with others who choose not to comply.

Please think about this choice carefully and let me know your decision today.
Thank you.

George Riddick
Imageline, Inc.

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