George Riddick of Imageline Says “Quit Whining and Complaining”

Sent: XXXXXday, XXXruary 03, 2009 7:20 PM
To: ‘George Riddick’
Subject: RE: XXXXXXXXX – FW: identified infringements – unresolved

George, as I told you before when you suggested that I had infringed, I was
shocked and immediately removed the designs, closed my web site and notified those who may have downloaded the designs. Although you say you are being fair, the settlement for an unintentional possible infringement was
extremely harsh. I told you my web site is just a hobby. I offered to send
you the total amount of funds generated. As to not responding, I did not
know what to say to your threatening emails. I take offense to you
characterizing me as not having any decency. If you must, go ahead and put
my $255 of innocent infringement at the top of your list. I think you will
find that I am a quite decent person, just not able to accept your totally
outrageous settlement. I cannot pay an attorney for myself, let alone yours.


XXXXXXXX, if I were you I would quit whining and complaining and pick up that phone and call Teri XXXXXX right away. Teri is the only one on this planet (that I know of anyway) who has offered her expertise and kindness to try and help you, and, from what I can tell, you have treated her irresponsibly as well.

Teri was able to help one of her friends make a settlement deal today where most of the payment was made in embroidery designs themselves. We are very responsible and reasonable people and we always try to work something out within someone’s means (even though our attorneys advise us otherwise) just to be kind.

We didn’t write the laws of this land, XXXXXXX. Complain to your elected Congressman/woman, not us.

The kind of infringing activity you engaged in carries a penalty in this country of between $30,000 and $150,000.00 per design. What you collected from the stolen property is totally irrelevant. You went over the line in what they refer to as “willfulness”. Ignorance of the law is never considered a valid excuse in this country.

If the penalty for stealing a laser printer from OfficeMax was the return of a used laser printer, what kind of civilization would we live in? I am sick of listening to you moan and groan about this and try to create an “oh poor me” umbrella around you. Tell that to one of our talented artists who had to be laid off just before Christmas due to the unbridled infringement of our property.

Once again, either ask Teri for her help (an there is absolutely no guarantee that she would even help you now) or face the consequences. Our lawyers will not care about any of your excuses. They are trained to take people’s houses and cars if that is what’s necessary to uphold the law and collect on the judgments we will get in a case that is legally uncontested.

Do the right thing, XXXXX. Quit whining and admit that what you did was against the law. Be responsible.

George Riddick
Imageline, Inc.

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