George Riddick of Imageline Attempts to Silence Letter Recipient From Speaking Out

When someone tries to extort someone into silence especially when a case has NOT been settled, it is very disturbing. Mr. Riddick attempts to prevent the letter recipient from speaking out on this case, about him, and ImageLine. Mr. Riddick, the cat is out of the bag. His unprofessional and unseemly communication is out for everyone to read for themselves. He has done more damage to himself than anyone could have done.


From: George Riddick []
Sent: XXXXday, XXXXuary XX, 2009 XX:XX PM
Subject: Immediate action required to avoid additional damages to Imageline and your innocent end users.


Through further research, we have determined that your digital piracy was, indeed, willful, and that you are a dishonest and unethical person, in spite of putting on pretences to claim otherwise. We do not know how to effectively communicate with dishonest and unethical people, and we, therefore, are rarely able to settle disputes with such people or organizations short of filing lawsuits. We work within the guidelines established in our Judicial System and the various agencies within the Department of Justice to bring about civil and/or criminal charges as appropriate.

Please try to control yourself before you get into even more trouble than you are already in. Any disparaging or libelous remarks attributed to you regarding me, personally, Imageline, or any of the ethical providers of embroidery goods and services in this market, will be treated firmly and to full extent of the law. You have my personal guarantee of that.

What are doing, XXXXXXX? Trying to make yourself out to be the victim here when you are the one who stole the embroidery designs in the first place? Disgusting!

Important further notice

Since you are now under official notice that this case is going to litigation, please do not destroy ANY evidence in your possession that relates to the Imageline infringing activities brought to your attention some time back, and any and all discussions or written communications with your distributor, and co-infringer, XXXXXXXXXXX, any other embroidery design supplier who has a working relationships with XXXXXXXXXX, and any other point of unlawful distribution that you have so far chosen to hide from us, but will undoubtedly come out through discovery.

As of 9:00 a.m. this morning (EST) any and all settlement proposals to you, personally, and to XXXXXXXXX, are hereby withdrawn.

Please save yourself a lot of time and expense (and further embarrassment) and identify your attorney for us immediately. We will need his/her complete mailing and e-mail addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers, firm associations, and any other relevant information for he/she to act on your behalf in this matter.

Your failure to provide us this is information in a timely manner will be yet one more indication of your ongoing attempts to continue with this unlawful activity and place even more of your innocent end user customers in harm’s way. Despicable behavior, in my view … and in the view of everyone who seeks a clean and honest embroidery design market, in which to compete ethically and above board with people who choose not to steal from others for their own fame and fortune.

Time is of the essence in the resolution of this extremely serious matter.

Please provide Imageline with the above requested information before 5:30 p.m. (EST) today.

George P. Riddick, III
Imageline, Inc.

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