Imageline Settlement & Release Agreement Letter

I have received multiple copies of this email from different parties. It appears to be a standard form Mr. Riddick uses for Settlement & Releases.


From: George Riddick []
Sent: XXXXday, XXXXXuary XX, 2009 XX:XX PM
Subject: URGENT – You are now personally at risk – your immediate response is required


Settlement and release agreement primary terms and conditions – XXXXXXXXXX

  1. Must close immediately in order for current proposed terms and conditions to stand. Agreement dated XXXXuary XX, 2009, which is the date that “Newly Found Images” would be released without further compensation. New images discovered with each detailed review. Archive reviews scheduled for this coming weekend.
  2. Rough draft ‘settlement and release agreement’ ready for immediate review by officers, directors, and outside counsel.
  3. Total compensation to Imageline consistent with low end of statutory scales and all other 4Q08 and 1Q09 settlements. $7,500.00 per infringed design.
  4. Less than one-half of the $15,000.00 to $150,000.00 per independent design, and attorneys fees, claims to b made in court
  5. All Imageline designs registered with U.S. Copyright Office. Deposit copy files available for verification and review.
  6. All disputes resolved via amicable settlement and release agreement or through a federal lawsuit. No exceptions.
  7. One third cash up front, two thirds worked out over time and/or through the exchange of products and/or services.
  8. Side by side image/design comparisons and copyright registration information available to all qualified executives, owners, and their attorneys
  9. Highly confidential. Terms not offered to any companies still infringing or whose infringement activities are deemed to be flagrant
  10. Settlement offers withdrawn automatically if client and or client attorney do not communicate regularly and as promised.
  11. Offer to help establish firm anti-piracy policies for those companies wishing to participate in Copyrights: Code (Red) consumer awareness campaign
  12. Release of all officers, directors, employees, owners, and other named associates and/or sponsors
  13. Release of named distribution partners, retailers, and other reseller
  14. Release of all end user customers not distributing the infringing digital designs into the marketplace
  15. Amnesty program for infringements discovered after the date of settlement. Select participants only.
  16. Participation in Public Relations campaign highlighting those supporting copyright protection (optional) and those who do not (mandatory).
  17. All specific settlement amounts, terms, and conditions strictly confidential
  18. Imageline option for arbitration in Virginia for any violations of the settlement agreement or newly discovered infringements


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