Imageline Letter for Lack of Response

In this email to the letter recipient, Mr. Riddick appears to relent since the last few emails has resulted in no responses. He is practically begging for a response of any kind. I have seen this email more than once as different parties sent their versions of the letter to me. Only the names were changed. The rest of the wording is nearly identical.


From: George Riddick []
Sent: XXXXday, XXXXuary XX, 2009 XX:XX PM
Subject: FW: URGENT – Your members must stop infringing and must be told the truth.


I am really not sure why you have not responded to any of our attempts here at Imageline to reach out to you and try to resolve our differences in a fair and just manner under these extremely difficult circumstances. Surely, it could not be your desire to force Imageline into filing a lawsuit against you and your company. I can assure you that is NOT our preference, but we cannot simply be ignored.

Our only objective here, XXXXXXX, is help rid your embroidery industry of digital piracy, which, if left unbridled, will negatively impact everyone who creates top quality embroidery designs for a living. We do this with consistent and fair settlements (which release you and ALL of your business partners and customers) with those we think perhaps made an honest mistake. We do not deal this way with those we think pirated the designs willfully.

XXXXXXXX, if some misappropriated your proprietary designs or took your private family photo album from you and posted it on the Internet, would you simply walk away and ignore them. I do not think so.

Just in case you have received any false information or bad advice, I decided to send you the e-mail below that we sent to XXXXXXXXX this evening. Mr. XXXXXX has previously refused to cooperate with Imageline due to some legal provision of our copyright laws he apparently made up, or certainly misinterpreted.

Please let me know directly tomorrow morning if you would like to consider being left out of this pending lawsuit.

Thank you.

George Riddick
Imageline, Inc.

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