Getty Images Corporate Counsel Staff Found on LinkedIn

I was originally doing some digging on Lisa Willmer and stumbled across her LinkedIn profile.

And what do I find in doing that? Several other Getty Images employee names who work in the Extortion oops, Corporate Counsel Department.

In no particular order, I am capturing these names for others to follow-up. All of these individuals are lawyers in good standing but might be vulnerable to complaints to the State Bar should they cross the line. For the most part, extortion letter recipients don’t hear from these folks. They tend to (wisely) work quietly in the background letting the extortion collection clerks deal with the masses. But they also let outside lawyers like Timothy B. McCormack take the arrows.  After all, he is disposable to Getty Images.

Once Timothy B. McCormack outlives his usefulness, there are thousands of other lawyers able to take his place.

Let me make it clear that I don’t condone anyone trivially filing State Bar complaints on any lawyer as it can be damaging to their careers and reputation. But having said that, if any lawyer came after me unreasonably, I would not hesitate to do it. I absolutely believe in personal payback especially where unreasonable, bullying lawyers are concerned.

Yoko Miyashita (VP, Seattle)

Lizanne Vaughan (Senior Director, Seattle)

Lisa Willmer (Senior Director, Seattle)

Ilana Safer (Director, NYC)

Jason Camhi (NYC)

Jonathan Lockwood (VP, UK)
Irene Paricaud (Director, UK)
Alec Cameron (Director, UK)

These are what I would consider “management” or “supervisory” positions who probably oversee and advise the hourly interns / extortion collection clerks. I cannot confirm this. This is only an educated guess based on what I have seen. I did not include the names of a couple of paralegals who work at Getty Images. I am guessing they are not part of the extortion collections team.

They all seem to work under the umbrella of John Lapham (Seattle), Senior Vice-President of General Counsel.

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