Jonathan Klein: Chief Executive Hypocrite & Bullshitter of Getty Images

Jonathan Klein, the so-called CEO of Getty Images is probably the biggest hypocrite at Getty Images. Letter recipients can only laugh and mock him when they listen to him spout off.


Jonathan Klein at MIDEM 2010 (Sep. 16, 2010)

He says:  Be willing to examine your business model. Don’t get obsessed with piracy. Be open to change. Be willing to cannibalize yourself. He talks about undue influence, pressure, and control over talent. How many times does he use the word “model”?


Jonathan Klein at MidemNet 2010 (Sept. 2010) Up to 2:40, then jump to 5:55.

He says: Can’t be too precious, don’t be too proud. 40,000 images/week is uploaded in iStockPhoto & every image is inspected and legally appropriate.


Jonathan Klein’s Interview with Financial Times (Aug. 26, 2011)

He says: Getty pays heavy dividends to its private equity investor.


Jonathan Klein at SXSW: TechCrunch Interview (March 2012)

Loves to spout off about revenue model and monetization.


Jonathan Klein at SXSW on Intellectual Property: TechCrunch Interview (March 2012)

The best video saved for last.  Biggest pile of doo-doo spoken here. The entire video should make your eyes roll.  Also, read the accompanying TechCrunch article to the “Intellectual Property”video.

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