Getty Images License Compliance: New Online Payment System

Getty Images and their License Compliance department has recently (and conveniently) implemented an online payment system for those willing to pay full fare with no fuss or dispute. (We think it would be stupid for anyone to actually do so but it accommodates those who don’t care about their money and want to avoid conflict at all cost.)

Page 1 is a screen shot showing the payment login page.  The case number and access codes are now included within the Getty Images Extortion Letters themselves. This appears to have begun in early 2012.

Page 2 is a screen shot showing the actual payment page where you can pay with a credit card. You cannot make any partial payments or otherwise alter the payment amount. Essentially, the payment amount is the amount listed within the extortion letter.

Anyone who uses this online payment system to make a payment without challenging the stated amount is obviously ignorant and doesn’t know about their extortion scheme.


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