Court Documents Found: “Bachelor” TV Producers vs. Bob Guiney Lawsuit

Ever since I began reporting on the “Reality Steve” Lawsuit, I became curious of the “Bachelor” lawsuit against Season 4 “Bachelor”, Bob Guiney. As was the case with the superficial reporting on the “Reality Steve” Lawsuit, there were mostly superficial reports about the “Bachelor” lawsuit against Bob Guiney. I wanted to get into the meat and potatoes of the lawsuit, not some low-level interpretation of a tabloid or  entertainment reporter. Because the Bob Guiney lawsuit started in 2003, it was a bit more difficult to track down the electronic documents.

I am happy to say based on a submission provided by a reader who tried to help me find information on the Bob Guiney lawsuit, I was able to determine that the case was heard in the Central District of California. And a few mouse clicks later into PACER and the Los Angeles Superior Court websites, I found what I was looking for (mostly).

Unfortunately, because electronic filing was still in the early stages in 2003 and the federal case was a carryover from the Los Angeles Superior Court, I am unable to secure the initial complaint. Nevertheless, I found enough to make some meaningful headway.

I posted the court documents that were available into a collection dedicated to the Bob Guiney lawsuit. The docket gives an overview of what transpired from December 2003 to June 2004 when the case was finally settled and dismissed.

There are some interesting nuggets I found but I will save them for when I do a deeper analysis and commentary on the “Bachelor” lawsuit against Bob Guiney.



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