Reality Steve Lawsuit Update: 4/4/2012 (“Bachelor” Lawsuit)

It has been a few days since my last commentary. I had my own life and business to tend to. Plus, I suffered a bit of burnout writing on the Reality Steve Lawsuit for so many consecutive days. I had to put some distance between myself and this case to gain a fresh perspective and see what developed. And there have been a few minor developments along the way.

So, I will fire off a few quick updates until I can expand up my thoughts more.

1. A number of major entertainment websites and magazines (TMZ, People, US Magazine, Radar Online, etc.) were contacted by me via email nearly 2 weeks ago regarding updates to the “Bachelor” lawsuit against Reality Steve. I knew this was a long shot but I am not above trying something unusual. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Aside from the big announcement back in December 2011, no reporter (besides me) seems all that interested in the ongoing legal drama.  It requires too much intelligence to actually follow the intricacies of what is going on now. For now, only the Reality Steve community and RED STARS is giving support.

2. The Reality Steve Lawsuit online petition on has been hacked at least twice by bogus and spammed online signatures. This was actually disheartening to see because it was difficult to tell what the actual numbers were. As it stands, we are closing on 1,900 but that is it for now. Our momentum has slowed but that is probably because there also haven’t been as many updates on also.

I have been in contact with customer support and they did not make it clear to me how many petitions were affected. Apparently, a few petitions were “attacked” with spammed and fake online signatures and that is all I know. As far as I know, our online petition has been hit only twice. If anyone in our community thinks they are helping us out by artificially inflating the numbers with fake and spammed signatures, you are not helping. You are actually hurting the cause. Please do not do this! Ultimately, if this is to work, we must have legitimate and verifiable names and email addresses.

3. I still feel quite strongly about the damage Reality Steve haters continue to inflict towards the support effort but that is beyond my control. However, the upside is that I had the opportunity to write a follow-up expanding on my thoughts on the matter. I will be posting that later this week during a “slow” day.

4. I uploaded a new court docket which lists a number of legal events. I downloaded a number of the recent documents to read and analyze for myself. A casual scan of the documents reveals more entanglements in the jurisdictional discovery process. A deadline extension to July 2012 was requested by the plaintiffs, contested by defendant, and granted by the judge. I call it a legal fishing expedition. But there is also an interesting “status report” that indicates ongoing settlement talks continue to happen. There is also a proposed timeline of various events leading up to the possibility of a March 2013 trial. I am doing everything I can to give Steve Carbone’s lawyer Brad Kizzia the benefit of the doubt since I am not privy to their closed-door discussions or what is going on in Carbone’s mind. All I can say is that what I see doesn’t sit well with me. But let me say again, I don’t have all the information. I only have my gut reactions based on what I see.

5. I am going back to see if I can dig out more information on the “Bachelor” lawsuit against Bob Guiney from 2003. I am following up on a lead. I need some helping finding out where this lawsuit was heard and tried. I also need some help tracking down the court documents online. If anyone can offer me assistance, please email me at matt30060 at gmail. 

6. I also need help finding out the principals of NZK Productions and Horizon Alternative Television. I need to find out the names of the officers, shareholders, and members, if possible. Again, if anyone can offer me assistance in that area, please email me at matt30060 at gmail.

7. The season premiere of “The Bachelorette” premieres on May 14, 2012. That is going to be an important milestone date for the Reality Steve Lawsuit online petition as readership on increases. If the lawsuit doesn’t get settled by then, there is an increased possibility for the “Reality Steve Lawsuit” to get picked up as new coverage on “The Bachelorette” increases.

8. I am now targeting ABC Network and Walt Disney Company (who owns ABC network) as the folks who should receive the results of the Reality Steve Lawsuit online petition. Targeting the “Bachelor” producers is a waste of time for the online petition. They won’t listen to anyone but ABC Network or the Walt Disney Company. I don’t think ABC and Walt Disney Company want PR “black eyes” over this and they should be the targets. I will expand more on my plans for this later.

9. My first commentary video is overdue. I wanted to do one since last week but other things had higher priority. So, be patient. I will make my video debut soon and I am going to have some strong and colorful things to say. There is a good chance there will be some “Rated R” language. Just warning you. That tends to happen with me when I get fired up but I will try to restrain myself.

10. At some point, I do want to make direct contact with Steve Carbone regarding the lawsuit. We still have minimal email contact and we still have not met or spoken with each other. I am not sure how he will feel about speaking with me but what is the worst he can say to me?  “No, I don’t want to talk to you?” Ultimately, I would like to do an online interview with him. I think it will be necessary to really crank this up otherwise Carbone will continue to be in H.E.L.L.

Going forward, I may do more of these smaller updates. It is much easier to write these than the past commentaries which required a lot more mental energy.


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