“Incredible Discoveries” Complaints: Florida Attorney General Office

There were alleged reports submitted to the Florida Attorney General’s Office. I wanted to find out myself if that were true. I made a phone inquiry where I informed Becky at the Office that I was doing a report and needed to do some fact-finding and fact-checking. I told her I only needed complaints, not general inquiries for information on Incredible Discoveries.

What I received was about 24 pages worth of FAXed information. The Office of Citizen Services FAX cover sheet states 40 pages but I only received 21 pages in the first batch. I received 3 pages in the second batch. Becky told me she must have incorrectly estimated the page count because there were not 40 pages.

I deleted the general inquiries and Robert Danoff’s (ex-employee) inquiry pages to save on page count and file size. I was only interested in what people who actually did business with Incredible Discoveries reported to the Florida Attorney General’s Office.


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